Video Tutorials of My Workouts – One More Shot

Last Friday, I left off with the Super Dad Workout. Today, I’m finishing this 3 part series with “One More Shot.” Are you ready to get exercising? Here we Go!!!!!

First Up, we’re going to do 10 lunges. If you’ve never done lunges before (that’s me!), this video is great to watch first. The narrator goes over not only how to do a proper lunge, but also gives you alternatives to aspire to as you get used to doing this exercise. So, even if you’re not a true beginner, this video is great for you!

Then, we’ll follow that up with 10 bridges. Just like the lunges video, this video is perfect for us newbies. I love that the instructor goes over how not to do them before telling us how to do them. Also, at the end she gives some more advanced alternatives.

Then, 5 sit-ups. I’m not gonna lie. Sit-ups are my least favorite exercise. I don’t know that I truly know how to do them properly. This video is fantastic as the instructor gives you good guidance. My problem with sit ups is that they always have people who have relatively flat abs showing you how to do them. For the beginner who is overweight, I sometimes wish they could have videos with people like me in them to how how it will look when I first start out. I’m sure it won’t be pretty. But, this part of the workout is something I really want to master.

Next up are 10 heel taps. Yikes! Never done these before. After watching this video, I’m slightly intimidated. I can see how they will help loose/maintain weight. But, they do look hard.

Following that with 10 W-extensions. This exercise looks very interesting to me. It’s most likely something that will help me outside of running as well as with my running form. I love it when the instructor explains why a particular exercise is important.

Finishing this set with 5 back extensions. I know that I’ll be starting with the beginner way of doing this exercise with hopes I’ll get good enough at it to move to a more advanced way of doing them.

Because I’m at level 1, I’ll rest up for 2 minutes and start this cycle 2 more times. If you are a level 2 fitness level, you’ll want to do 5 sets. If you’re level 3, you’ll want to do 7 sets. Let’s see how this goes!

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