All In for the Return of the runDisney Half Marathon!

It’s been a hot minute since runDisney ran their last race at the Disneyland Resort…2017 to be precise. It was the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend (one I didn’t participate in because it was 1 week after the NYC Marathon). Much like every other West Coast runDisney runner, I was over the moon at announcement from D23 that there would be a race weekend at the Disneyland Resort again in 2024.

So, when runDisney announced the return of the Disneyland Half Marathon for January 2024, you know I had to find a way to make it back. Valentine’s Day is way to early to have registration for a race that’s in January of the next year. But, I have no control over that. All I could do was make sure the money was there for another runDisney race registration and to be at my computer before 7am.

If you registered, you know that registration started LATE! Can you believe it?

All of us runners were already stressed enough. I mean, the return of runDisney to Disneyland for the first time since 2017 was bound to sell out quickly.

So, we all showed up early to beat the rush for registrations and then…


It took around 20 minutes before the links came up.

And then, we had to wait for a wait time while that spinning thing around the runDisney Logo kept spinning.

Finally, I saw that I had just over an hour for wait time. I tried not to panic. From what I saw in the #Teamrundisney Facebook Group, others had the same thing happening.


My wait time was down to 13 minutes! (and, it wasn’t a full 13 minute wait at all)

I had everything prepared. So, when it was my time, I typed as fast as I could, made my payment and saw…

I Got In!

Then, I had to go back and see if I could get Colton, my son, in for the kid races…


So, we’re in! I’m racing the Disneyland Half Marathon and Colton will be racing the kid race (I think the 1 mile race).

Now, it’s time to get back to training. I’m still trying to figure out how to train, work, get my son to his baseball practices and soccer in the fall, and balance with family life.

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