Adjusting the Training Plan for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

When you miss 2 solid weeks of training for a marathon, a slight bit of panic begins to set in. I am glad that I got sick at the start of the training plan and not at the end. That’s for sure. However, it always suck to loose so much time. One thing I’ve needed to do with this setback is to re-calculate, re-group, and adjust the training plan. As I looked over the plan, I think I’ve come up with something that should get me where I need to be by the day of the TCS NYC Marathon.

One good thing about being forced to take some time off the training plan is that it makes you appreciate what you’re chasing. It’s been slight torture to watch so many of my running friends out there doing what I should have been doing. The sad part of my alteration is that I’m not taking the two weeks between my long runs after 17 miles like the Galloway plan calls for. Also, I’m loosing one week of taper time. This is to accommodate my desire to get a 26 mile training run in before race day. When I talked with Jeff Galloway at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, he seemed to think that getting a 26 mile training run should help solve my blister problem that’s plagued me on my previous two full marathons. He also recommended something for my feet to help as well. Eliminating blisters will be key if I want to have that first sub-6 hour marathon time (and become an official finisher). So, I’m committed to getting in that 26 mile run. The nice part of this plan is that, if I get to October and don’t feel as strongly about that 26 mile run, I can add a 6 mile run right after running for 20 miles and a 6 mile run after 23 to get me to NYC. For now, this is the plan…

I’ve bolded the runs I’ve already done. The runs not bolded were ones I missed. My original plan is still with me. But, above is the one I’ll be following. With those two missed weeks, I really need to hit every run distance. The mantra for this cycle is…”Every Run Counts.” I can’t be afraid of slow runs. Running in summer will give me that. But, I really need to hit all the distances and let the speed take care of itself. This is my path to the NYC Marathon. I think it will all work out okay!

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NYC Marathon Transportation and Baggage Options are Set!

From Runner’s World Magazine

Once you get into the NYC Marathon, the planning for the trip has just begun. One of the big concerns I had in getting ready for the race is the logistics involved in getting me to the start line. With 50,000 runners to somehow get to the start line, there is a lot of advanced planning. First, I researched to see where the various pick up spots are to get to Staten Island and Fort Wadsworth where the runners village is located. The race starts off going up the Verrazano Bridge (pictured above). So, here are the options… Read more ›

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Finally Healthy Enough to Run Again!

Y’all, I’m really excited for TODAY!!!!!! I get to run again this morning! As a matter of fact, by the time this post goes up, I should be finishing my first run in a few weeks! I get to do this because I’m finally healthy enough to get running again. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. If you recall, two weeks ago, I decided to take the week off to try and get this cold under control. It worked pretty well. I was all set to start running on the 4th of July. Then, overnight, I must have caught some bug. I was really sick on the 4th of July. Not only did it ruin my running plans for that day, but it ruined the whole day. I felt like I had been hit by a big truck and was out for almost the entire day. While I felt well enough to try and work on the 5th, I got sick at work just a few hours into the work day. So, I had to leave and spent most of that day sleeping as well. From the 6th on, I’ve been on the mend. Read more ›

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Getting Inspired Visiting the Office of Walt Disney

Since I don’t have any training runs to talk about this past week, I thought I’d share a really fun thing I got to do earlier in June. As a matter of fact, it was the Friday after the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon that I got to take a tour, put on by the Disney Archives and D23, of Walt Disney’s Office. This wasn’t some sort of simulation. I got to visit the actual office that Walt Disney inhabited at the Walt Disney Studios. His office is located on the third floor of the old Animation Building on the Lot. When I arrived, I had to wait in the lobby to get in. Read more ›

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The Race that Could Have Been – Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon

I think that I will always think of the 2017 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon as “The Race that Could Have Been.” I will wonder how this race would have turned out if I hadn’t fizzled in my training the two months before. What if I was able to put together a fantastic last month? What if I hadn’t fizzled at all? There’s nothing I can do about that now. Just like there’s nothing I could have done about it on race day. This race is what it was. Even though it wasn’t the half marathon PR I had really wanted when I started training, it was still fun. Read more ›

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