Running at Walt Disney World Virtually

Since I’ve gone through a series of workout tutorial videos, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few videos you might want to check out if you’re running on a treadmill to help you get through those dreaded times on the treadmill.

First up, you’re going to love taking a run through the Magic Kingdom. While this isn’t exactly a runDisney kind of run, it is still totally fun!

Next up, where almost every runDisney race finishes these days…EPCOT. If you’ve ever run a runDisney race at Walt Disney World, you’ve run through EPCOT. When I run the Dopey Challenge, I’ll probably get tired of EPCOT. With that said, EPCOT is my 2nd favorite Disney Theme park and it’s an absolutely beautiful place to hang out in.

One of my favorite theme parks to run through in a race was Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This part of the WDW Marathon is highly underrated. The crowd support is pretty great and it comes at a point in the marathon where you need all the encouragement you can get. This video isn’t quite as exciting. But, it’s still more fun than watching a boring news program while running. Right?

The last theme park to run through is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you’ve run the WDW Marathon, you know that getting here means you’re close to the half marathon mark. Plus, after running over some boring stretch of the race, it’s a welcome sight. This theme park is highly underrated. It’s absolutely stunning in parts. So, enjoy your stroll/run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Here’s a little bonus. 30 minutes running around the Caribbean Beach Resort! You never get to run here on a runDisney race weekend. So, enjoy this run at the beach…so to speak!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these running videos through the Walt Disney World Resort. Now that you have them, there is no excuse for missing a treadmill run. Put up one or two of these videos and pretend like you’re running through Walt Disney World!

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