Video Tutorials of My Workout Routine – The Super Dad

Last time, we looked at Video Tutorials to learn how to do he exercises in The Warm Up. Today, we’ll do the same for the “Super Dad” workout that I found on So, here we go….

Once we’re all warmed up, it’s time to start a set in the Super Dad workout. Up First? Every runners dreaded (but much needed) exercise…squats. We’re going to do 4 squats in each set.

Then, we’re going to do 10 bicep extensions.

Next up? 10 arm circles. You’ll recognize this exercise from the Warm Up. This time, we’re doing 10 circles forward and 10 circles backward. During the Warm Up, we were circling each way for 30 seconds.

After the arm circles, it’s back to 4 squats.

Then, 10 bicep extensions…

and 10 calf raises.

From there, we go back to 4 squats…

10 more bicep extensions…

and finish up the set with 10 shoulder taps. Then, take 2 minutes of rest time and repeat two more times. For this workout to be complete, we need to finish 3 sets on Level 1 (which I’m on), 5 sets on Level 2, and 7 sets on Level 3.

Next week, we’ll look at the One More Shot workout. I realize that this blog may reach people at different fitness levels. I know that there are far more strenuous workout routines out there. Keep in mind, I’m coming back to fitness and very overweight. So, for me to start off with those crazy hard routines will likely lead to frustration and burnout. The goal is to be building something over these next few years that leads to a leaner me and keeps my interest long enough to form a habit I can keep doing beyond 2023. Have a great weekend everyone!

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