Video Tutorials of My Workout Routine – The Warm-Up

In my last post, I put up some charts that contained the workouts that I’m going to start with on this journey toward the 2023 Dopey Challenge. It’s one thing to look at a chart, it’s another to know how to do the exercises properly. So, this post is designed for anyone who wants to add these exercises to their workouts.

First up is neck tilts. The video above demonstrates how to do them properly. As you can see…nothing too hard.

Next up is neck rotations. Remember, we’re just warming up and getting the body prepared for the more strenuous activities later.

Now that we’ve got the head and neck all loosened up, we’re moving on to torso rotations. It’s time to loosen up those hips! As I searched for videos on this exercise, I found a wide amount of variations. I’m using this one.

After those hips are loose, it’s time for chest extensions. Like many of the exercises so far, there are several variations. This is the one I’m going to be using.

Next Up is the side arm raise. I didn’t find any videos that match the chart on this one. So, I’m going to use this video as an example.

The Chart says “arm rotations.” However, as looked for videos to help, the arm circles videos looked more like the chart. I like this video because it was suggested to rotate 30 seconds going forward and 30 seconds going backward. I hate trying to figure that kind of stuff out. So, just do them with the video and they do the timing for you.

This exercise will require a little bit of balance. However, I’m sure that with a little bit of practice, I’ll be a pro at the hip rotations!

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing hops on the spot because I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. So, this week, I’ll figure out if this isn’t too horrible for those living below me.

To finish up our warm up, we’ll do some side to side hops. Again, since I’m on the second floor of an apartment complex, I might alternate between the side to side hops and hops on the spot.

I was going to go through the whole routine. However, this post is long enough. So, I’ll stop here and pick up with the Super Dad workout next time.

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