Motivation Mondays – Jeff Galloway on Beating the Heat

The good news and bad news is that it’s summertime! That means we get more daylight! It also means the temperatures will soar on us. For runners, this can be a taxing time of year. So, I thought it would be a great time to bust out a few Jeff Galloway videos to help us deal with the heat.

This first video is directly about dealing with the heat. Fun tid bit from the video…take breaks to douse yourself with cool water to cool you down. I might have to try this out during the summer. Hmmm.

Okay, this video isn’t directly about running in the heat. However, I think it’s pretty common for runners to have bad runs when the temps get out of control. So, I thought that in addition to the tips about running in the heat, it would be good to take on this quick video about how to deal with a bad run. After all, for many of us weekend warrior kind of runners, we will have bad runs this summer. So, the couple of tips Jeff gives here might help. The first one is to take a break to give your brain a change to get out of the “monkey brain” we’ve gotten ourselves into and back into the front of the brain where we are more in control.

The last video I’ll share this time around deals specifically with speed workout problems in the heat. I love Jeff’s idea of bringing out a water cooler full of cold water to douse over yourself during the walk break between intervals. Pretty cool stuff.

No matter what you are training for, I hope these short videos will help you get through the hot, summer months!

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