Tinker Bell Half Marathon Course Overview – Disneyland and Downtown Disney


By the time you get to the main gate at Disneyland, you’ll be crossing the mile 3 marker. So, there’s still 10.1 miles to go! I believe you’ll enter somewhere around this point.


Right inside is a sure-fire picture spot. There will likely be Disney cast members taking photos here. If not, take a selfie!


You’ll head off to the right to get to Main Street U.S.A.


I always love seeing this sign. Once you get past this short tunnel, you will be close to another real restroom on your right side.


Welcome to Main Street U.S.A.! From the look of the map, they’ll probably have your second water stop somewhere in front of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Theater. So watch out for a slick surface and cups on the road.


Then, it’s time to run up the main part of Main Street U.S.A! If you’re used to running through the Magic Kingdom, you might be a little disappointed by the lack of crowds here. Keep in mind that only the highest paying of the C.H.E.A.R. Squad will get to be on Main Street U.S.A. for a race. At the Magic Kingdom, they let people in for free. Thus, the difference.


This is what the scene will likely look like. There are plenty of Disney cast members out and about to cheer you on. However, it isn’t like running up Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom.


There will be Marathonfoto people out on Main Street U.S.A. However, they aren’t always taking photos. So, if you want to save some money, take a selfie running up Main Street U.S.A. instead!


At the end of Main Street U.S.A. is the hub with the Partner’s Statue. As you can see behind me, there will be a long line for a picture. I say, save some time and take your own. You’ll run around the hub on your right side to get to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


Then, you’ll make your way through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle this way. This is what Sleeping Beauty’s Castle looks like presently ( I took this photo on Sunday). The Tinker Bell Half Marathon is the only one that runs through the castle in this direction into Fantasyland.


You will be running the opposite way once you get through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle through Fantasyland.


This view doesn’t quite work for a visual of the race. However once you’re in Fantasyland, you’ll pass by the Peter Pan attraction and stay to the right of King Arthur’s Carousel.


The route curves around to the right and you’ll pass by the Tea Cups on your way back to Main Street’s hub. There is another real restroom to your right. Then, you’ll turn and run through Tomorrowland.


Darth Vader and Storm Troopers will likely be around at the Tomorrowland Terrace/Jedi Training Academy. Opposite of this spot on your right, past Star Trader, is another real restroom.


You’ll continue heading towards Innoventions and follow the pathway around past the Nemo Subs on your way towards the Matterhorn.


You’ll make your way up the other side of the Matterhorn.


Then you’ll head towards It’s A Small World.


People will get to the left side at It’s A Small World for photos because it’s a great picture spot!


Then, you’ll head backstage at Disneyland for a little bit. Up where the Monorail track is seen ahead, watch out for train tracks. The Disneyland Railroad runs by here.


There might be a fun picture spot once you get past the Monorail track.


Just past the Train (if it’s there) you’ll see where they keep the Monorail trains overnight. Backstage Disneyland can be lots of fun! Once the course turns past this point, you’ll see the mile 4 marker!


Up the next stretch, there will be parade floats for you to grab a quick picture with!


You’ll pass by the Magic Music Days building.


Then course wraps around to take you back on stage at Disneyland in Toon Town. It looks like your third water stop will be somewhere just before you go back on stage.


Running through Toon Town without the crowds is so much fun!


When you leave Toon Town, there is a slight downhill and a quick uphill right after as you pass under the train tracks for the Disneyland Railroad.  The Fantasyland Theater will be to your right as you continue along the route. At the end of the Fantasyland Theater is another real restroom to your right.


The course for Tink will go the opposite way. However, you’ll wrap around the Big Thunder Ranch area and Big Thunder Mountain.


You’ll be running the opposite way here. However, the route goes around the Rivers of America on the way towards Critter Country.


You’ll run by Pirates of the Caribbean


and the Haunted Mansion on your way to the mile 5 marker.


From the look of the map, you’ll pass the mile 5 marker just before you get to Splash Mountain.


There is a slight incline as you head from the Haunted Mansion towards Splash Mountain and Critter Country. Then, there is a slight decline as you enter Critter Country. As you can see, there is another ever so slight incline to get through Critter Country.


Once you get back by the entrance to Splash Mountain, it’s time to bid your time on stage at Disneyland adieu. You’ll head backstage here. For a small stretch the road does narrow quite a bit. There will be someone warning you of this over the speakers. So, you can’t miss it.


So, there’s not a lot to show of your back stage journey here. However, it is fun to pass by the Walt Disney Imagineering building! It will be off to your right.


Every time I’ve run by this part back stage, there have been cast members out to give out high-fives!


From there, you head into Downtown Disney. The crowds should be pretty large for your entire run up Downtown Disney.


The Tinker Bell Half Marathon is the only runDisney half marathon that runs through Downtown Disney. The Disneyland 10K also runs through Downtown Disney. Thus, the pictures.


Continuing up Downtown Disney


When you see the ESPN Zone, you know it’s almost time to turn. I should also mention here, that right after you pass under the Monorail track, on your left side might be the last real restrooms that are close to the race course. You might want to keep that in mind. I can’t remember how easy it will be to get off the race course at that point. But, there is one between the Lego Store and the Movie Theater.


One of the highlights for Tinker Bell Half Marathon runners is the red hat ladies that are usually by this hat by the Disneyland Hotel. From what I remember, they are out and there are a lot of them. Fun times!


At the hat, you’ll turn up this road. This little path is usually the last 0.1 miles of the Disneyland Half Marathon, Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, Star Wars Half MarathonDisneyland 10K, and Star Wars 10K.


I’m guessing that the 6 mile marker is somewhere near the Downtown Disney parking gates.


What I know for sure is that the 6 mile marker will be somewhere before you turn left at the traffic light. Also, your 4th water stop will be there as well.


As you turn to the left, you’re leaving Disney property. I’m sure it will be sad times because the next time you’re on Disney property will be  in the 13th mile.


Once you get to the stop sign in the picture, look to your left…


It’s the Disneyland Hotel sign. Turning left at this stop sign will bring you into the Disneyland Hotel parking. However, you will be running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. So, no turns for you.


When you get to the Walnut Street, you should be crossing the 10K strip. It’s either at this spot or shortly after turning onto Walnut Street.


I’ll end this look at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course here because we will now be heading onto the streets of Anaheim. In my humble opinion, leaving Disney property brings to an end of what makes the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course so special. It’s the course that spends more time on Disney property than any other runDisney course (Walt Disney World half marathons included). You get more than 2 miles of ground to cover in Disneyland alone! With less to cover over the streets of Anaheim portion of this race, I’ll pick up the course overview here and cover all the way to the end of the 12th mile tomorrow. See you then!

2 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Half Marathon Course Overview – Disneyland and Downtown Disney

    1. There is a lot of time spent at Disneyland for this race. I also love running through Downtown Disney. I wish another half marathon would do this.

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