2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Week Registration is Open!


…and selling fast!


It looks like the popularity of the runDisney events continues to grow. Registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend opened at 9am PDT and by shortly after 11am PDT, this is what the runDisney web site was reporting. The Walt Disney World Half Marathon was 70% full, Walt Disney World 10K was 95% full, Disney Family Fun Run 5K was 80% full and the Dopey Challenge was 90% full. Wow! The Walt Disney World races tend to take longer to sell out than the Disneyland races do. From what I remember reading, the Walt Disney World races tend to have higher capacities. So, to see these races so close to selling out within the first 2 hours is very impressive. I must admit that I’m a little surprised that the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge isn’t past the 50% of selling out mark that is needed to show up on the runDisney event page yet. With this medal…

Courtesy of runDisney
Courtesy of runDisney

I’m surprised that more people haven’t rushed to run this year. It looks like the reports from those that ran in the Inaugural Dopey Challenge back in January has not deterred anyone from signing up for the 2nd year of this challenge. I’m also guessing that the 10K distance is the new popular distance among runDisney runners. After all, most of the reports I read about the Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K were similar to mine. Yet, it looks like the 10K will be the first race to sell out. Maybe it was the improvements runDisney made on the same course during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend that encouraged everyone that the 2015 Walt Disney World 10K would be a better experience. Who knows?

***As I was writing this blog post, the 10K race sold out! It less than 2 1/2 hours to sell out! Crazy!***

If you want the information about the races, visit the official runDisney event page here, or you can check out what Sarah at Running at Disney posted today here. Sarah does such a fabulous job at giving the information that I’ll just give out the link. Between these two pages (Running at Disney and the runDisney WDW Marathon event page) you’ll have all the information you need. Sarah even has a bunch of postings from some of her readers who ran or volunteered at the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend for you to check out. You can also read about my trip in the Walt Disney World Marathon Trip tab at the top of this blog. Information is out there folks. If you’re on the fence, read and get inspired. If I can run a marathon, anyone can.

So, will you be running in any of these races this January?


The Disney Family Fun Run 5K?


The Walt Disney World 10K?


The Walt Disney World Half Marathon?


The Walt Disney World Marathon?


Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge?


Or the Dopey Challenge? Please let me know in the comments if you’ve registered for any or all of the races for 2015. I’d love to follow along as you prepare for the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Sadly, this year, I will have to skip out on flying out to Orlando for the festivities and races. Days like today are a little sad. However, it’s okay that I don’t get to run all the races. If you want to register for the races, do so quickly. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Week Registration is Open!

  1. wow! that’s crazy how fast those sold!! I would love to get in and run the Dopey Challenge one day… after I win the lottery because it’s not possible otherwise. haha. 🙂

      1. So I live vicariously through others and run my own races while feeling the twinge of jealousy (and excitement for those experiencing it) now and then. Totally healthy 😉

  2. so crazy it sold out so fast! I was thinking Goofy would go first because of the medal but I guess I was wrong! and the 10ks seem to be very popular lately.

    I signed up for Dopey 2015! I have seriously lost my mind as I am also already signed up for DDD, Wine and Dine, Avengers, and now Dopey. and I plan on doing GSG again and the LA marathon. feel to follow along on my blog!

    and also, I live in Pasadena as well! and from your maps, super close (I live at Del mar and los roblesI hope I see you out running around soon!!

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if runDisney had its own annual pass? You could pay a fee that would get you into ALL the races you wanted? Of course, the annual pass would have to be cheaper than paying for each race individually. Hmmmm. Dare to dream.

      Good luck with the Dopey 2015! I’ll be doing the DDD and Avengers as well this year! Also, I’ve decided that my second full marathon will be the LA Marathon next year. Watching on TV wasn’t good enough this year for me. I must run this race! Looking forward to running the 30th Los Angeles Marathon next year!

      Since you live in Pasadena…have you ever checked out the Pasadena Pacers? I’m thinking about checking them out after the OC Half Marathon. Maybe we’ll “run into” each other one day.

      1. I know! I wish they did one like Rock n Roll’s Tour Pass. maybe one day??

        the LA Marathon is absolutely amazing however it was so insanely hot this year. Hopefully next year will be better so I can redeem myself! it is also great to train for the Marathon in winter in Pasadena-such great weather!

        I have looked into Pacers-I may try out a few workouts this summer if it fits in with my training plan since it’s so modified to fit in all of my races. It’s hard for me to participate in the Fall because I work at USC and work the football games so most of my saturdays are spent on campus.

    1. You are welcome Sarah. You lay out the information for the runDisney races so well, I feel like all I have to do is direct others to your posts and they’ll have all the information they need. Keep up your enthusiasm for runDisney!

      It sucks to be sitting out any of the runDisney races. Doesn’t it? I’m happy for those who can run ALL the races. However, I’m content knowing that I can’t. We’ll just have to follow along on social media with those who are running the races we can’t. Sigh.

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