2017 Star Wars Half Marathon Merchandise Preview!!!!!!


The 2017 Star Wars Half Marathon (Light Side) Weekend starts TOMORROW!!!!!! Let that sink in a little bit. Now that I’m in race week, I’m pretty excited and cannot wait to hit the expo floor tomorrow! As usually happens, runDisney has put out a little preview of the official merchandise for the upcoming race weekend. Some of it is pretty awesome! So, let’s take a look.


Here’s the first set of shirts in the press release. I kind of wish  the grey and black shirt on the bottom left was a men’s shirt. I think I’d be all over that shirt if it was. The purple shirt above it is looking pretty tempting. The other two, I’m kind of like…meh.


I like the Star Wars 5K shirt at the top left of this graphic. However, I’m not running the 5K. So, I’ll easily pass on that one. I wish the 10K shirt was NOT camo themed. If it wee in a solid color, I think I’d be tempted to purchase. I’ll tell you what…I think runDisney needs to hire me to work on the official race merch. I’m sure I could come up with some better options. The long sleeved 19.3 miles Rebel Challenge shirt is also tempting. Even though I don’t like the grey, I might be tempted here. We shall see come Expo day.


The next item up are the magnets that will be sold. I’m kind of digging them…ALL of them! Ah, Princess Leia, how we miss you!


Next up are the race pins. I love them all…except for that Rebel Challenge Medal pin. I’m not a fan of the new Rebel Challenge medal.


Then, there’s the glass and bottle ware and hats. I’ll probably pass on these items. But, I do like the bottles and the black race hat.


The last item that was previewed is the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend (The Light Side) ornament shoe. Y’all…this item is too cool! It may have to find it’s way to my house. What do you think? To read the entire press release, click here.


It all starts TOMORROW! The Expo opens at 10am. I’m going to be at the expo on Thursday morning as early as I can make it. With the boy at home, you never know what delays could come my way. However, I absolutely cannot wait to hit the Expo floor tomorrow! What do we think readers? Are you excited about the merchandise that was previewed?

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