Taking an Adventure through Tough Tokyo Disneyland

Welcome back to another virtual trip to Tokyo Disneyland! Today, we’ll take a left after entering the World Bazaar and head towards Adventureland.

This video is great at giving us a good overview of Adventureland. After watching it, my first impression of Adventureland is that it’s like this combination of New Orleans Square at Disneyland in California and Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. All of it looks very spacious. It’s also interesting to me that this theme park doesn’t have the typical spoke design…where every land shoots off as a spoke from the Main Street Hub.

The first attraction we came to in the video was my favorite attraction….Pirates of the Caribbean. Let me just say, I love the Tokyo Disneyland version. It’s pretty much a copy of the the Disneyland California version. Since I love my home Disney theme park version of this attraction, it stands that I would do the same of an attraction that is very similar. They even have a Blue Bayou! Okay, the queue line doesn’t offer as much as the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris. But, the attraction itself doesn’t’ disappoint.

Also in the New Orleans Square feeling area of Adventureland is this outdoor show at the Theatre Orleans. From what I could tell the Minnie Oh! Minnie! is the current show…or most recent show. This is kind of a quirky show. The very opening is kind of misleading. It’s a show that mostly is in Spanish. If you enjoy Latin music, this is a great show for you.

Up next? It wouldn’t be a trip to a Disney Adventureland without a ride on the Jungle Cruise. Nice to know the Amazon could make an appearance in Tokyo.

Right next to the Jungle Cruise is the Western River Railroad. Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have a railroad that circles the entire theme park like other Magic Kingdom parks around the world. This one is kind of cool. What I liked about it is how many attractions you go by while on the train. It’s kind of like getting a sneak peak at some of the attractions in this part of the park.

After taking a few rides, it’s time to walk through the Swiss Family Treehouse. I love how big this tree house is! The pathway is as narrow as I’m used to from Disneyland. However, there’s lots of space around the tree house for the props that theme it to the Swiss Family Robinson.

Right across from the Swiss Family Treehouse is The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents “Aloha E Como Mai!” Who doesn’t like the Tiki Room? This version is very different from the one I’ve come to know and love. Is it really the Tiki Room without the main theme song? Well, this version is very Hawaiian. That makes sense since it is a “Stitch Presents” in the title. I do like this version for what it is. However, the Disneyland California version is still my favorite.

Right next to the Tiki Room is the Polynesian Terrace Restaurant. Time to sit down for a good meal and a show. This show is so much fun! If you’re not into shows that have no English, you might want to skip this one. However, I love it!

So, what did you think of Adventureland in Tokyo Disneyland? Next week, we’ll explore Westernland and Critter Country. Have a great weekend everyone!

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