We Run Social Meet Up and More After the Star Wars 10K


After the Star Wars 10K, I headed back to my car and got my change of clothes together and got all cleaned up. After all, it wasn’t even 9am. I was a little hungry and decided to check out the Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel to see what they had for breakfast. I was in the mood for some Mickey waffles but didn’t want to pay a character breakfast buffet price. As luck would have it, they had Mickey waffles! I also lucked out in that I saw Kim and Gail and got eat with them. They had several friends stop by while we were eating. It was fun to chat running stuff and runDisney things as well. If you’ve ever seen Kim and Gail on the course, you know they make some amazing costumes. They told me that they are trying to work out putting up a podcast to help others who want to make amazing costumes to run in like they do. The first podcast is now up and you should click here to listen to the podcast. They recorded it after the Walt Disney World 5K this year. Very fun podcast. Gail and Becca have been running in these runDisney races for quite a while. So, I really liked hearing about the history of the races that Disney has put on over the years. They also have some good words of wisdom about running in groups and getting character photos along the course. Their podcast is also available on iTunes (I believe). So, check it out.

After breakfast, I still had some time before the We Run Social Meet Up. So, I headed off to DCA to play in the park for a little bit. It’s always fun to walk around the park and people watch. I also took on a few rides. First up was The Little Mermaid: Airel’s Undersea Adventure. This is my wife’s favorite attraction at DCA. So, I sent her some texts around the time I went on.


I also decided to check out Toy Story Midway Mania. The line was long. However, I had time to kill.


I had a little fun with my medal while waiting…


You’ve got to pass the time somehow. Am I right? I do wonder why DCA can’t do the FastPass system that Disney’s Hollywood Studios utilizes for this attraction. I mean, it’s the same attraction. So, why can they do FastPasses at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but not here? Hmmmm.


After about a 45 minute wait, I was finally on! Rogue Leader standing by!


Gotta love Buzz Lightyear!


After grabbing some lunch at DCA, I headed off to the We Run Social Meet Up hosted by Dani and Linzie.


The turnout for the meet up was out of this world! So many fun people to chat with!


Everyone was being social as you’d expect!


This is just a taste of the SWAG that was given away. It was really fun to see all the ways they could come up with to give away stuff.


One of the winners was someone that had “the Gibblers” Pro Compression socks. Yep. Kimmie Gibbler herself was there for this give away.


The other thing we like to do at these meet ups is grab lots of pictures and lots of selfies.


Yep….Fun times!


Pavey and Sharpie sighting…


and I finally got to chat with Jindy off the race course!

Courtesy of We Run Social
Courtesy of We Run Social

What a good looking bunch of runners we are! If you ever have the opportunity to attend a We Run Social Meet Up, you need to go. Don’t think about it. Just Go! You won’t regret it. How do you find out about future meet ups? You can follow We Run Social on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just look up “We Run Social.” Then, make sure to include #werunsocial in your social media posts. There are runners from all over that are apart of this group. So, it doesn’t matter where you live. You can be apart of We Run Social as well. The next Meet Up I’ll be attending is the one on February 13th for the Los Angeles Marathon.

We Run Social Los Angeles Marathon Meet Up

Here are the details. You don’t have to be running the Los Angeles Marathon to join. After all, I’m not running the Los Angeles Marathon. But, I will be there.


Come back tomorrow as I recap the 2016 Star Wars Half Marathon!

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