Bonjour from Disneyland Paris – Virtual Disney Trips Heads to Paris

Ever since the announcement by runDisney about a new half marathon weekend at Disneyland Paris, I’ve been thinking about taking our virtual Disney trips overseas. I know there is much more to explore at Walt Disney World. However, I’m kind of craving a theme park experience. So, I decided that the time to begin our exploration of Disneyland Paris is now.

I didn’t find an hour plus video to walk through Disneyland Paris. However, this video has me wishing I could find the money tree right away so I could head to Disneyland Paris now! Wouldn’t you agree? I love the differences with this theme park from the parks in North America! They have a very different entrance to their theme park. Plus, I noticed that there is no Partners Statue at the end of Main Street U.S.A. The castle at DLP is absolutely amazing! It might be my favorite one. Okay, time to check out the details of Main Street U.S.A.

First up, let’s take the Disneyland Paris Railroad for a trip around Disneyland Paris! As I watched this video, I’m struck by how much undeveloped land they have at DLP. Also, I noticed the lack of narration on the train ride. What’s kind of cool is the first part of the trip makes you feel like you’ve actually left the theme park. By the time the train gets to Fantasyland, the whole theme park vibe returns for the rest of the trip. I hope you enjoy this trip around Paris’s Magic Kingdom.

There are a few ways to experience Main Street U.S.A. just like the other Disney theme parks. One way is taking a ride on a tun of the century fire truck.

Disneyland Paris also has an Omnibus like Disneyland California. However, how about a trip down Main Street U.S.A. in a Paddy Wagon? Nothing like going down Main Street like a criminal!

Of course, if you don’t want to feel like a criminal, there’s always the horse-drawn carriage way of travelling up Main Street U.S.A.!

Here is something that is unique to Disneyland Paris…the Liberty Arcade. The video I’ve chosen may be a little dated but it’s the best video I could find. This area is kind of like a mini-shopping mall from a time long ago in America. From what I’ve read, the Liberty Arcade presents the story of the Statue of Liberty. The artifacts and artwork show the story linking France to the United States.

This video takes you all around Main Street U.S.A. starting with the Discovery Arcade and finishing back through the Liberty Arcade. As I watched this video and the one before it, I wonder if this was a clever way of crowd control in getting guests to the main gates at the end of the day. This kind of thing should be explored at both Disneyland California and The Magic Kingdom in Florida. I love the idea of an inside walkway to get out of the heat.

Need a hair cut? Why not save your hair cut for the Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts shop on Main Street U.S.A.?

Getting hungry? How about we stop by Walt’s – An American Restaurant. I love this video! The interior is pretty cool! Of course, I have no idea how the food rates. However, if you’re ever visiting, you might want to at least walk around. Gotta love the details Imagineers put into their work!

Next up, we’ve got to check out Casey’s Corner. After all this is opening week of the baseball season. Casey’s Corner has the decor of old-school baseball. And I do mean old-school…like before Babe Ruth.

Outside of Casey’s Corner is this fun piano player who puts on quite a show.

Disney Magic on Parade is the main parade at Disneyland Paris. After watching, I really like this parade. They do a fantastic job at maximizing Disney characters in one parade! I like that they are able to make their floats with two different sets of Disney characters on them. It’s very interesting. One thing I’m not a fan of is that the short song just repeats over and over again. It’s kind of surprising with all the repeats that they don’t go back and forth between English and French. Since they are repeating the same chorus over and over again, it might make the parade a little more interesting. Anyways, it’s nice to see that Elsa and Anna have made their way to France in the parade.

I’ve saved the best for last in this report. Disney Dreams is the BEST night-time show at any Disney theme park! Hands down the best. I know that many of you who read this blog love Wishes at the Magic Kingdom or Illuminations at EPCOT. However, Disney Dreams beats them all. This is the absolute best show. The video I’ve selected is absolutely beautiful. Seriously take the time and enjoy this video and this show in all its glory.

To close this virtual visit, I’ve chosen a video that covers the entire Disneyland Paris experience. I’ve got to warn you. Watching this video in its entirety will make you wish you could run out and head off to Disneyland Paris. I know it did for me! I know it’s long. However, it will set us up for our virtual trips to the Disneyland Paris Resort. Get excited y’all. The virtual Disney trips are back and we’re going to be spending some time in Paris! I’m really excited about getting to experience this theme park that I’ve never been to before. Hopefully they will not only capture the beauty of Disneyland Paris, but give those of you who are planning on running the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon in 2016 something to look forward to.

Have a Fantasmic weekend!

7 thoughts on “Bonjour from Disneyland Paris – Virtual Disney Trips Heads to Paris

    1. I know! The Disneyland Paris Resort looks so cool! I think Disneyland Paris has the best castle at any of the Disney theme parks! I’ve also heard that they have left their Pirates of the Caribbean ride untouched…no Jack Sparrow in it! I can’t wait to explore this park even more!

    1. I will! My next long run on Saturday will be over the parts of the Tink half I can run (non-theme parks). So, you can expect a course preview week next week!

  1. Reblogged this on DoomBuggy Runner and commented:
    Well, we haven’t had a Disney fix in a while, so Greg over at brought it. He returned to his Virtual Tours with one from Disneyland Paris. Since I have never been there (YET) I was quite intrigued.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this article because it brought me back to my one day visit there this past summer! We ate at Walt’s Restaurant and had a great experience.

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