Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Adds a Challenge!

I don’t normally post twice in a day. However, the fine folks at runDisney have just posted a new video to announce the newest race and challenge to their line-up. In what was widely speculated, they have added a 10K race and a challenge to the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. Check it out!

We now have a Captain America 10K? Ok, runDisney, just take my money now! With the addition of the Captain America 10K comes the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. Even though the video doesn’t state what the challenge is, if you’re a runDisney fan, you already know. The Infinity Gauntlet Challenge will be running the Captain America 10K and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon on back to back days. The challenge will involve an extra medal, like all the other challenges the runDisney weekends have. Sometimes, I’ve got to wonder how long it will be before runDisney has a Coast to Coast Challenge Medal. I don’t mean a Coast to Coast like we currently have. I mean a separate Coast to Coast medal for those who complete challenges on both coasts. Of course, with the addition of the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend in September 2016, I’m sure there will be some sort of medal for completing that race and another race in the USA. After all, for so many of us runners, It’s all about the bling. Right?

So, who’s planning on running the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge? Captain America 10K?

7 thoughts on “Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Adds a Challenge!

  1. so excited! As soon as I get in for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, I will have run every rundisney challenge in one year (Goofy, Dopey, Rebel, Glass Slipper, Pixie, Dumbo and Avengers). I think I should petition rundisney for a special medal!

    1. I think you need to get together with Kimberly Markey and her friend Gail for a picture with all your medals! Although, you might need another person or two to display all those runDisney medals! Are you going to be able to get a second Coast to Coast medal this year?

  2. My friend and I want a Star Wars race in Florida and if you do both Star Wars races in both Disneyland and WDW you will get an intergalactic challenge medal. We have been trying to get that idea out there as much as we can.

    1. I know that a lot of the WDW regulars are hoping for a Star Wars Half Marathon in Florida. Part of me doesn’t think that will happen. Why? Because runDisney doesn’t seem to repeat the themes of the races. I mean, there could have been a Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Disneyland because we have that attraction as well. However, that never materialized. So, it would be a little surprising. Plus, even though so many people think adding a Star Wars race to the Star Wars Weekends is a natural fit, it seems like runDisney likes to put their races in slower times to keep the crowd levels high at their theme parks. From my recollection, the Star Wars Weekends are enough of a draw that adding a race wouldn’t benefit Disney that much. Of course, I’m just an armchair runDisney planner and not someone with actual influence. That said, I love the idea of an “Intergalactic Challenge” medal for running on both coasts! That would be pretty cool!

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