Vitrual Disney Trips are Back with a trip to the WDW Water Theme Parks

It’s been a while since I did a Virtual Disney trip. So, after exploring all the regular theme parks at Walt Disney World, it’s time to head to the water parks. The first water theme park we are visiting is Blizzard Beach. I’ve never been to either water park. So, I’m pretty excited to see what these theme parks have in store. The above video gives us a pretty great overview of Blizzard Beach. Let’s see what “attractions” we can experience.

First up is the chairlift. This is not exactly thrilling. Without any experience of visiting this theme park, it seemed like the best place to start as it takes you to the summit of Mount Gushmore and places us at the prime location for three attractions that we can check out next. I must admit that I like the way the chairlift is this combination of ski lift (winter ski lodge) and beach chair (beach). I also like that there is a seat restraint. Otherwise, my fear of heights might have freaked me out when the lift stopped on this video.

So, the first water ride we’ll check out is Summit Plummet, the tallest drop at Blizzard Beach…a 12 story drop! Yikes. When I thought of doing this virtual trip report, I had no idea people would video the water rides. Pretty cool! I love the view from the top!

Next up is Slush Gusher, the 90-foot-long water slide for those not yet ready to take the “big plunge.” As you can see from the video, it’s just a shorter drop. Both slides go pretty fast. This one looks like a beginner slide. Maybe if this one is okay with you, you’ll gather up the courage to take on the Summit Plummet.

If a straight drop is not your thing, try Teamboat Springs. This ride looks a little tamer than the straight drop slides. On this ride, you can ride with your friends in a water raft that holds up to 6 people. It looks like it might be pretty fun.

Now that we’ve covered the green slopes, it’s time to take on the purple slopes. First up is the Toboggan Racers. Again, I’m impressed that someone actually filmed this! I wonder, how you can get your mat to win the race. Hmmmmm.

Snow Stormers looks pretty similar to the Toboggan Racers. Only there are some twists and turns on your way down.  This one looks a little more thrilling. Don’t you think?

The last of the purple slopes is the Downhill Double Dipper. You ride this one on a tube. It goes down, back up and back down again. Interesting.

The only red slope is the Runoff Rapids. This one is another one that is experienced on a tube kind of thing. It looks like you can ride this one with a buddy or by yourself.

Melt Away Bay looks like a way more relaxed way to spend your time at Blizzard Beach. Although, wave pools might not be for everyone. It looks like you can take up a tube and just let your cares melt away!

Cross Country Creek is also known as “Lazy River.” This is another pretty relaxed “attraction” to take in at Blizzard Beach. As you can see, it moves along rather slowly and circles the perimeter of the entire park.

There are two other “attractions” that I could not find a suitable video for. Both of these attractions are for the kiddos. The Ski Patrol Training Camp is a pre-teen area featuring slides, a T-bar drop, and iceberg walk. Tikes Peak is the children’s area with smaller slides, fountain play area, and pop jets.

Originally, I had thought I would cover both water parks in one post. However, there were more videos out there than I would have anticipated. So, we’ll end this trip with just visiting Blizzard Beach. Honestly, as a first time experiencer of this water park, it looks like a great break from the regular theme parks. I don’t think I could spend an entire day at Blizzard Beach. It might be a nice break from the other theme parks in the middle of the day. I know that the middle of the day is when the parks would be their warmest. However, you’re in water attractions. What better way could you spend the middle part of your day than that?

Next week, we’ll check out Typhoon Lagoon. So, check back then.

2 thoughts on “Vitrual Disney Trips are Back with a trip to the WDW Water Theme Parks

  1. My best friend went on Summit Plummet and loved it, but I prefer going on Teamboat Springs with my family or friends. Blizzard Beach is my favorite water park out of the two and reading this virtual trip helped me think of the sunny summer days as it is below zero where I am today!

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