Summer Jams for the Playlist

Summertime with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince is one of the all time greatest summer songs. Since it’s officially been summer for about a week and a half, it feels like a good time to highlight some songs with a summer theme to them to run with in these hot months. After all, we need something to take our minds off how hot it is while we’re training. Right?

Summertime by New Kids on the Block (although kids is kind of relative term considering the age of the guys) has actually been working out pretty well for me since I put it on the playlist a few weeks ago. The tempo is a little on the slow side but has seemed to work out. Although, this song is buried a little deep in the playlist. So, I don’t have many training runs with this song yet. Sometimes, when putting together a playlist, you have to add some songs that are a little slower just to break things up a bit. Otherwise, no matter how awesome it is to run with a song individually, it gets lost among the other high tempo songs. That’s what Summertime does for me on a run. It has a fast enough tempo to not bog down my run, but is slower than some of the other songs.

What Time is It (Summertime) from the High School Musical 2 soundtrack has been on my playlist for a while. This song is just plain fun! It’s got a constantly good tempo going and the cheesiness of the song puts me in a really good mood while I’m running. So, it’s a staple on my playlists…summer or not.

All for One from the High School Musical 2 soundtrack is also a really fun song to run with. Back when High School Musical 2 came out, the songs dominated my playlists and they still find their way onto those lists from time to time. Just like What Time is It (Summertime), this song just keeps the energy high. The tune is catchy and it’s easy for me to get distracted with this song playing in my ears.

Okay, this is NOT on my playlist. However, it seems like a blog post about Summer songs would be incomplete on a Disney lover’s blog without In Summer from Frozen. By the way, the Los Angeles Angels answered the question that Olaf has about what snowmen do in summer…

Courtesy of Angels Baseball
Courtesy of Angels Baseball

Happy summer everyone! What’s your favorite summertime jam?

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