3 thoughts on “Training Calendar

  1. Hi there… I just singed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon 2016. It would be the very first run i have ever had.

    Do you have any suggestion on when I should start the training (and I did start it last night), and how long should I have to train (every week till the game day?)?

    I would love to use your calendar training planner but the fonts got me confused about the number of miles. Possible to convert it to a different front or some general guideline on how often (number of times per week), and how far (miles) i should train ?


    1. Good questions! Visit http://www.rundisney.com/training/running/ to check out the training plans that Jeff Galloway has developed for the races. The plan for the Star Wars races are there. However, they will be for the Star Wars races run this year. Looking at the plan will give you an idea how the training plan should go. They are organized by week. So, I’d start with the race week and make your way backwards. Training is typically running 3 days per week. The two mid-week runs will go around 30 minutes each. The weekend run distances will vary to build you up to being ready to run a half marathon. Since the plans Jeff Galloway designs are around 16 weeks. So, the plan hasn’t started yet for Star Wars. I’d recommend looking for a 5K and/or 10K race to sign up for in the summer and/or fall. This will give you an idea of what a race day is like. At http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/5k10kschedules/ you will find training plans for a 5K/10K.

      The training schedule I’ve put up here is to get me ready for my next two full marathons. First for Chicago in October and then the Los Angeles Marathon in February 2016. So, my plan will look really different than the one you’ll be on. Congrats on signing up for the Star Wars Half Marathon! It’s been my absolute favorite half marathon to run! I’ll be signing up for the race when it opens to the general public.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I have started my training last week and I am loving it. The first time training was the most difficult for me since I have not had any running or workout whatsoever in the past 4yrs and 8 months. I am going to train 3 times a week. I have checked out Jeff’s training schedule but as you said, it is for 2015 and I plan to see if he has one for 2016. But I think the idea is about the same. I am going to look for a 5k race later so I can have some experience in the actual run.

        Do you mind to give me some recommendations on stores where you bought / will buy your running shoes from? I just read the update you have posted for the gears and I am very sure I want to try on shoes before I buy them (rather than buy them online because they are cheaper).

        thank a lot for your recommendations. Hope to see you in the StarWars 1/2 Marathon, and I am sure you will be placed way ahead of me, but I am trying to have fun in the run. And as you have posted a photo – I run to see the impossible to become possible!

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