Dreaming Big – The Mental Training for a Marathon

With the races of 2013 now behind me, what awaits is my first full marathon in January. In preparation for this full marathon, I’m on a training plan designed by Jeff Galloway¬†(with a few little alterations by myself to accommodate some of my races). So, I know the physical preparation I still need to finish … More Dreaming Big – The Mental Training for a Marathon

What Stops You?

As I mentioned on Monday, I started going through The Purpose Driven Life again. Since I am not a morning person, I spend my time reading through this book at night. So, last night, was day 3 which talked about what drives our lives. This quote stuck out… “Regardless of the cause, fear-driven people often … More What Stops You?

Are We There Yet?

Two weeks from tomorrow the festivities for the Disneyland Half Marathon will kick off with the Expo. I can totally feel the finish line approaching. The event I’ve been working so hard towards is so close that I can practically touch it. Yet, it is still so far away because I’m not there yet. I … More Are We There Yet?