Ready to Roll This Week

I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon for a Monday morning post. However, I feel like I’m finally in the right place to get going on all these running goals. Actually, I feel like life is finally starting to move in the right direction again!

For starters, last Friday was the last day of the probation period for my job. Guess what? I’m still working! Getting past the probation means a raise and the addition of healthcare benefits. That alone is worthy of being excited about. Since getting fired by Disney on my birthday last year, my family has had MediCal Insurance. The great part is that this insurance didn’t cost us anything. The bad part is that we got what we paid for. While having any insurance is a good thing, you don’t always get quality service. That was our experience with MediCal. The service was awful. So, getting back to higher cost healthcare is a good thing. Plus, if I read my employer’s information correctly, it looks like my wife will get to go back to her doctors and my boy will get to go back to his. I’m the only one who has to find someone new. So, that’s pretty cool!

The part about getting to keep my job that means the most, though, is proving to myself that I do have it within me to be a paralegal. I do know my work product enough to know that I’ve got a lot of room to grow. Fortunately, my boss knew this going into hiring me. Obviously, my performance must not have been too disappointing or I’d be looking for a new job right now. Last week was a little emotional for me because it told me that I’m better at my job than my previous boss let me believe. I do miss working at Disney. It was my dream company to work for. But, I now have a boss that understands where I’m at and sees potential in me to grow. Now that these 90 days are over, I can settle into the job and just focus on getting better. It’s a nice place to be!

Now that the job situation is settled, I can feel the mental shift happening to where I can start working on other parts of life. A benefit of having a job is finding the ability to plan again. Just today, the wife and I worked out our plans for our 12th Wedding Anniversary (happening August 8th)! We also worked out what to do on my birthday (August 28th). What are we doing???

We’re going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!! I’m beyond excited to return to my favorite place on the planet! Aaaaaaaaand, I’m getting to use comp tickets I earned while working for Disney to get in! Even better! I went online to see what was available and my birthday was open for Disneyland. I put in the comp ticket numbers and they were accepted. So, for the first time since January 2020, I’ll be heading to the original Disney theme park and my happy place! I can’t wait!

The other plan that will be put into action this week is that I plan on signing up for the 2022 WDW Virtual 10K on July 30th! While it’s not as exciting as getting to run through the parks, it’s a start. Also, it gives me incentive to get out and run again this week. In addition to that, either this week or next week, I’m planning on signing up for the Aquarium of the Pacific 5K, which is part of the Long Beach Marathon Weekend. Hopefully, training for these races will set me up nicely for the training I’ll need to complete for the 2022 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon. Then, around a month after that, training will begin for the 2023 Dopey Challenge. So, the dominoes are starting to align.

All that’s left is get out and run. Next week, I believe that I’ll finally have some training runs to report on. Wish me luck! It’s time.

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