Inspiring Interview with Jeff Galloway

As I’ve prepared to bring this blog back, I learned that Jeff Galloway…inventor of the run, walk, run method…had a heart attack earlier this year. Yikes! Well, I also discovered that one of my favorite race MC’s Fitz Koehler has a YouTube channel (yes, there will be more videos highlighted on this blog from Fitz). So, when I heard Fitz was interviewing Jeff Galloway, I knew I had to listen. I know that this blog post is rather short. But, I think this video is one every runner should listen to because, once you get regular exercise and proper diet going on in your life, you can get this feeling of being invincible to things like having a heart attack or cancer. Jeff has some great insight (as always) and I wanted to present this video without commentary so you all take the one hour it will take to get through the interview. Enjoy!

In the comments, I’d love to hear about something you learned from this video. So, leave a comment! Happy Monday!

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