Putting Together The Workout Plan

Well, this was supposed to be the post where I told you how fabulous week 1 went. However, week 1 was a total failure in regards to fitness related activities. While I’m glad that I have until the end of January before failures like this one really put dents into my 2023 plans. Why did week 1 not work out?

Failure to have a plan in place and ready to go. Also, I’ve been battling a cough all week. On Friday, I got my second COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccination! Getting this last vaccination was a priority for my week because, I just wanted it over. I know that there are people out there that think this vaccine is total bogus. Others were chomping at the bit to get the shots. I’m somewhere in the middle. While I’m unsure exactly how necessary the vaccines are, it is something that gives me peace of mind as we approach the opening up of our society. So, I got the shots and am glad that it’s over!

As I’ve thought about how I want to achieve my 2023 goals, I know that I need to do more than run. If running alone would help me loose the weight, I would have hit my goal weight years ago. However, not only do I want to lose weight but to feel better while running. I’m tired of being in the back of the pack. Those long waits in the starting corrals aren’t fun most of the time. So, to get faster, I need to be more fit. To be more fit, I need to loose weight and to loose weight, I need to make changes to my diet as well as adding non-running exercise to the plan. For this post, I’m going to focus on where I’m going to start as far as non-running exercise.

As I started looking up exercise routines for beginners, I found some pretty cool ideas out there. Including the above…the Avengers training plan. While I won’t be starting with the Avengers exercises, I thought it was too cool that these were even out there. If you want to see some of those fun plans, head over to the Facebook Group and you can find many different ideas.

I’m going to start with this Classic Warmup I found on darbee.com. By the way, if you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas, head over to darbee.com. They’ve got so many exercise routines, challenges, plans, etc. that I think anyone will find what they need. My non-running days, I’m going to start off my exercise time with this classic warm-up.

Then, I’ll head into the “Super Dad” workout…

And finish with the “One More Shot” workout. The Super Dad and One More Shot have 3 sets each. For this week, I’m going to attempt to go from the Classic Warmup to the Super Dad (all three sets) and One More Shot (all three sets). We shall see how it goes. If it doesn’t work well for me, I can always go from the warm-up to Super Dad (set 1) to One More Shot (set 1), Super Dad (set 2), etc. Or, I can also vary it up by having one non-running workout doing the warm-up and Super Dad (all three sets) on one day and the One More Shot (all three sets) on another. The goal is to get moving and get my body working again. Since it’s been a while since I’ve had any regular exercise routine in my life, I need to start basic and have fun with it. Hopefully, by August, I can do some of those Avenger type routines.

With any luck, I’m planning on getting my first 2 mile run done tonight. So, follow me on Instagram to see if I do it. It’s time to start setting baselines!

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