What Songs Inspire You?

As we head into this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the songs I find most inspirational in my life (currently) and why. First up…

Here is Original Australian Idol Winner, Guy Sebastian’s take on Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb.” The older I get, the more this song feels like my autobiography. Life is hard. There’s always going to be mountains that we want to move. Sometimes we’re going to have to loose to get past those mountains. I’m not a big fan of Miley. But, the lyrics on this song tell my story better than most.

I shared this song earlier in the week. However, “One Moment in Time” by the late great Whitney Houston inspires me every time I listen. Consider the lyrics…Each day I live I want to be a day to give the best of me. I’m only one, but not alone. My finest day is yet unknown. I broke my heart for every gain. To taste the sweet, I faced the pain. I rise and fall. Yet, through it all, this much remains. I want one moment in time where I’m more than I thought I could be. When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me. Give me one moment in time where I’m racing with destiny. Then, in that one moment in time, I will feel eternity.” How could those words not inspire?

Next up is the Steven Curtis Chapman song “The Great Adventure.” I wish I could say that I lived each day with this view of life. Especially in the mornings. However, I have always loved this song that talks about the great adventure we have living a life following after Jesus. As a Christian, I believe the life that God offers us is a great adventure. There’s so much possibility each and every day. Plus, by the grace of God, each day represents an opportunity to be more like Jesus.

“When You Believe” is purely a great song and sung brilliantly by Whitney and Mariah. It’s a song about Moses and the Exodus story found in the scriptures. Believing that God can accomplish in our lives what he has promised is most often not easy. This song speaks to that. While the chorus focuses on what can happen when you do believe, the verses focus on the struggle to get there. It is in the struggle where we find the strength we will need to carry out those big dreams God gives us. I love this song for many reasons. First, you have two absolute divas singing their hearts out. Secondly, the struggle in this song has been so real for me. I do agree that there can be miracles when we believe.

“Get Back Up Again” by TobyMac is the song I have chosen to be my anthem for at least the rest of the year. This song speaks so loud to me right now because I’ve taken so many hits that I’ve lost my way. Thankfully, there is a God who knows the direction he has for me to go. When I lose my way, he picks me up, dusts me off, and sends me back down the right path for my life again.

What are your go to inspirational songs? Why do those songs inspire you? Sound off in the comments below.

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