Back to Blogging – And an Upcoming Race!

I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since my last blog post. The month of March really got away from me. We had 4 celebrations for my boy’s 2nd birthday in the month. The first was on the first weekend of March with my parents. Then, on St. Patty’s Day, we celebrated with my wife’s family (pictured above).

On the boy’s actual birthday, we headed back to the Disneyland Resort to celebrate. He absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVES Cars Land!

Especially, meeting Lightning McQueen.

As if a fourth b-day celebration with his birth parents weren’t enough…we had Easter celebrations. Colton loved meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time. Now, every bunny is the Easter bunny.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter at our church.

I did make a few workouts since my last post. The above is from March 8th…

Then, March 10th….

And March 13th…

And March 17th. Sadly…

On March 25th, my gym closed for a refurbishment for a month (yep..still not open). Y’all, I think that knowing my gym was going to close wrecked one week’s worth of workout motivation. I was trying to figure out what I’d do for this month. In the process, I lost my way and motivation. It’s hard for me to be up at 4:30am twice a week to get to the gym. With the locations of the nearest gyms, I’d have to be up at 4:15am and might not even have the time for a full workout. I let it get to me for sure.

As a way of trying to get myself out of this workout malaise, I signed up for the Angels Baseball Foundation 5K! It felt good to register for a race again. After all, I haven’t raced since…

crossing the finish line at the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon. It’s hard to believe I haven’t raced since the beginning of November. Even with a month away from training, I’m confident that I’ll finish the Angels Baseball Foundation 5K. However, I had hoped to be able to get some running in before the race.

Sadly, the past week and a half has left me with a really bad cold. So, no training for me over the past couple weeks. The good news? I am feeling much better. If I could just kick this cough, I’ll be back to normal!

Work has been crazy as always. However, in a few weeks, I’m finally getting an office! After more than 10 years in a cubicle, I finally have an office job with my own office! I just got an official move date this week!

So, yeah. I haven’t been blogging. But, there are reasons for it…I’ve been super busy. I must admit, though, in the past couple weeks, I’ve really missed running. Like missed it a lot. I’m hopeful that this race on Saturday will be just what I need to get back on the training trail. My current plan for next week is to just go back to my normal 3 mile run around where I live.


After all, it’s time to get my head back in the game.

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