The Struggle is Real in Week 7

Consistency is tough, y’all. It doesn’t come easily. I finally had a run on the treadmill that I didn’t hit my goal. It was bound to happen sometime. I didn’t miss the mark by much. But, I still missed. As I go into week 8, I’ll see if it is a blip on the radar, or a sign that I need to advance to the 5K as a slower pace.

The track and gym workout that ended week 6 took its toll as I was extra tired on Tuesday morning. As much as I tried, I didn’t make it out the door in time for the gym workout. So, I needed to get up and out the door quicker on Wednesday and I did! This week, I was up to a run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes x4 on the treadmill. This was rough. I’m not going to lie. I made it through all 4 intervals. However, he huffing and puffing was real. At the end, I was proud of myself for doing this! It’s been a long time since I ran a 3 minute interval. Running more than a quarter of a mile without stopping was sooooo good for me, but brutally hard. Even with the extra difficulty, I made it through the leg press and ab machine pretty well. The elliptical was rough. I told myself that it was okay that it was hard. I ran harder. So, the elliptical was bound to be harder as well.

With the missed workout on Tuesday, I had to do back to back workouts to make up for it. So, on Thursday I was out the door again. I was a little late out the door. So, I had to sacrifice some time on the elliptical machine. I finished 15 minutes (instead of the 22 I was doing). I figured that 15 minutes was better than zero minutes. Right? Still, I completed my run/walk intervals for a second consecutive day. That last run interval was tough. But, I made it through!

On Saturday, the wife and I got to see a matinee showing of Disney’s Aladdin at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood! To make it work, I sacrificed my track workout.

We didn’t have too bad of a view!

They even had a photo op at the theater!

The show was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone. We had an excellent cast, including the original Jasmine and Aladdin from Broadway! The Genie, of course, stole the show! I really enjoyed the differences from the animated movie. For example, there is no Abu in the Broadway show. So, they gave Aladdin a group of 3 friends. Since Aladdin’s full title is the Prince of Thieves, it made sense to give him a group of friends where he was sort of the leader. Also, I loved the song that Aladdin sang to his mom. There were some very clever lines of dialog and in the songs themselves. For example, Jasmine says something about not needing a prince and she could rule Agribah by herself. To which, one of the guards said, “What fairy tale is she in?” Clever because the whole show is a fairy tale. Either way, it was a great show.

Afterwards, we headed to the Ghiradelli Disney Soda Fountain at the El Capitan Theater for a post show dessert.

I have to share this pic from Sunday. After church, the boy and I headed off to a park to play. He absolutely LOVES the swings. He was so giddy on the swings that I had to grab a quick picture. This is what joy looks like, ladies and gentleman!

During the boy’s nap on Sunday, I finished out my week at the gym. It’s been a while since I’ve done an afternoon workout and my body wasn’t liking it too much. This was the hardest time for me on the treadmill this year. Each run interval took a lot of stubbornness to get through. I gritted it out through the first 3 run intervals. Even though they were tough, I truly felt like I could grit it out through another. However, I only lasted 2 minutes, 22 seconds of that last run interval before I had to stop. The huffing and puffing was out of control and I wasn’t able to push through. I must admit that I felt a little defeated. However, I stopped, got my breath, and within 30 seconds finished out the run interval. Sure I was bummed that I didn’t finish. However, I did my best. That’s what I had on Sunday afternoon. I’m hoping this is just a speed bump and not a sign that I’m going after this 5K too fast. This week will tell a lot in that regards.

The rest of the workout was hard as well. It could be that I’ve gotten so accustomed to the early morning workouts that my body just wasn’t ready for this. Again, like the week before, I enjoyed being at a different gym on Sunday. It’s always good to get some different scenery!

As for the weight loss…I stayed even this week. I didn’t gain any extra or loose extra. I was exactly where I was on the previous Sunday. So, I’m not one pound heaver than my goal for this week. It’s okay, though. I am capable of losing 2 lbs in a week. This weight loss journey is a marathon…not a sprint.

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