Finding My Groove in Week 6!

Sorry about being a day late. Week 6 was a pretty good week! So, let’s look how it all went down….

Tuesday was a gloomy, foggy morning to head out to the gym. However, I headed out anyways. As I walked to my car, I sort of wished that I had an outdoor run. It may have been cold, but running in the fog is always interesting.

For this week, I was up to a run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes on my Couch 2 5K plan. When I looked at the plan, I knew this week is where it starts to get hard. I was correct. The run 2, walk 2 was more difficult. However, I found a way to get it done. Unlike the previous week, it was the last run interval that was the hardest. After the treadmill, I hit up the ab machine and leg press machine with the same weights as the week before. By the time I started the elliptical machine, I was feeling a little tired. This was a workout on the elliptical where I had to break it up mentally to get through. All in all, it was a good one that I had to grind my way through!

Thursday, I made it out again. If you look at the two images from my workouts, you can see that I was pretty consistent. That’s the good news. The treadmill was easier than Tuesday (as it should be). However, the thing of note for this workout is that the gym is getting busier at the early hour. I have no idea why. It’s as if there are resolutioners that realize they can’t get their workouts done later. Or, maybe regulars that were waiting out the resolutioners before returning to the gym. I have no idea. But, the bummer for me on this workout is that I went from the treadmill to the ab machine. Then, I had to head over to the elliptical machine before ending with the leg press. It’s a different rotation for me. But, the leg press machines were busy and after waiting for almost 5 minutes, I needed to head over to the elliptical machine or risk not getting that part done. It all worked out okay. However, I’m starting to feel like my fun times with a rather empty gym is becoming a thing of the past.

On Saturday, I returned to the track for my 2 minute/2 minute x5 run workout. As I drove to the track, I thought a lot about how I need to get more comfortable with track workouts. These smaller track sessions will hopefully pay off later. This time, the track was busier than the week before. Now, it’s not so crazy that I can’t run. But, busier than the last time. As I went through my first run interval, I quickly realized that I was nearly running a full lap. That means that this coming week, I’ll be running longer than one lap (which will be a track distance record for me). These run/walk intervals were more difficult. I still found a way to get it done. However, I know I got slower as I went along. That’s okay though. My focus is merely on finishing each interval as a run or walk…not on distance covered. I can worry about that later.

Remember last week I said that I wanted to add a gym workout to my track running on the weekend? Well, this past Saturday I did just that. However, neither of the 2 LA Fitnesses by where I ran were open until 8am. This is the first time I’ve arrived at a gym BEFORE it opened. Who knew that would be a long line?

I’ve got to admit. It was fun to be in a different gym! I really liked this LA Fitness! Too bad it isn’t closer to home, or I’d go there instead of the one I go to on the weekdays. They have newer machines and a funner vibe. It was interesting to experience the difference. Even though the image for my entire workout shows the elliptical machine with only 12 minutes, I did actually complete all 22. The problem is that, I usually pedal going forward for 10 minutes, take a 30 second break, and back pedal for 12 minutes. Apparently, for these elliptical machines, I can’t take 30 seconds of a break without the workout ending. So, after those first 10 minutes, I took my 30 second break. As I started back pedaling, it started a new workout. Oh well. Live and learn.

The last thing to update you all on is that I lost 1.2 lbs this week! So, I’m right on point with my goal….actually, if I keep to the plan, I’ll loose 52 lbs. But, I digress. It was good to get the weight loss meter heading in the “loss” direction again! It’s been an interesting journey so far this year. I lost nearly 9 lbs in the first two weeks (thanks to the flu). Then, I gained weight back for three weeks. Now, I’m going back down! Time to keep the scale going down!

Onto week 7!

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