The Mother of All Colds Takes Out Week 2’s Trainning

Well there’s good news to report this week and bad news. Sometimes you can have all the motivation in the world to get momentum going on your training plan and it all gets thrown out the window. Welcome to Week 2 of 2018 for me.

It all started off pretty good. I didn’t get my first workout in until Wednesday. On Monday evening, I was worn out and needed the extra sleep on Tuesday. The way I felt Tuesday morning validated the decision. So, Wednesday, I was up early again and made it back to the gym. This time, I went with 1 minute run, 3 minutes walk with 5 repetitions. I ended up with the same distance covered in one less minute! On this run, however, I could tell it was harder. I didn’t struggle to finish any of the intervals. However, I could feel the difference of adding 30 seconds to my run intervals. 3 minutes was still enough to recover each time. Everything else, the leg pres, ab crunch machine, and elliptical machine remained unchanged and I got through them pretty well. The elliptical machine continues to push me.

I felt pretty good about myself on Wednesday after the workout. I felt fine when I started my day at work. However, in the afternoon a really bad cough  started up that only got worse through the day. By the time I headed home, I knew that I would likely be missing the next day at work. I hoped it was the kind of thing that would not feel so bad by Friday. I was wrong. I had the mother of all colds hit me and Thursday, I spent most of the day feeling like death. I was coughing so much that I hurt both my abs and all around the bottom of my rib cage with each cough. I was battling a fever all day long. It was awful. By Friday, I started feeling slightly better. However, the boy came home with a slight fever and it spread to the wife by Sunday.

Brooke and I were well enough on Saturday to catch a local production of Beauty and the Beast. We went to this little theater in LA called Casa 0101 Theater. For a small theater, I was really impressed with how they pulled off a monster Broadway show. What they lacked in spectacular sets, was more than made up for with fantastic singing and acting.

So, due to illness, I missed my other two workouts in the week. On a positive note… I lost 7.2lbs for the week! This brings my year to date weight loss up to 9lbs! So. I’m already down 9 lbs for the year! Look. I know that this kind of weight loss isn’t the norm for me. It’s just that’s how sick I was. I’m still trying to get an appetite back as I write this. So, we will see how the weight loss continues. I’m playing the long game here. I don’t anticipate any more weeks with this kind of weight loss. My goal is still 1 pound per week. There’s a pretty good chance that either this coming week or the next one, I could see weight gain or a week with no loss.

With recovery still on my mind, I’m hoping to be back at the gym this Thursday. I want to make sure I’m doing right by my body and not rushing back. I had built a couple weeks into my couch to 5K in 90 days plan. So, I’m repeating week 2’s run/walk intervals this week. So, the good news for the week is that I had a good workout and lost 7.2 lbs. The bad news of the week is that I was sick and lost out on 2 workouts. Time to move on in Week 3.

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