Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon Announced!

This week was supposed to be the 2018 Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon Weekend at the Disneyland Resort. As you all know, runDisney has put their Disneyland races on hiatus. So, there will be no half marathons, challenges, or any other races at Disneyland this year. If you’re a West Coaster, you’re probably going to have some withdraws to go through this year. Last week, runDisney made an announcement through the Disney Parks blog….

They are going to have a Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon. According to the runDisney event web site, “Race through the galaxy on a course of your choosing for the inaugural Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon! Whether you break up your 13.1 miles over multiple days or rack up the mileage all at once, runners will earn a one-of-a-kind, Star Wars-themed medal for their accomplishment. Don’t miss out on this Star Wars adventure like no other.”

If you complete the virtual half marathon, you get this pretty cool medal! Plus….

If you head off to Walt Disney World in April to run the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon, you can earn the Kessel Run Challenge medal as well! So, if you thought you were missing out on getting the Kessel Run Challenge medal this year, runDisney has you covered.

So, how much does this cost???

Entry Fees

Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon – ONLY

  • $59

runDisney Kessel Run Challenge* – ONLY

  • $69

runDisney Kessel Run Challenge Bundles

  • $399 – Star Wars First Order Challenge PLUS runDisney Kessel Run Challenge
  • $254 – Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon PLUS runDisney Kessel Run Challenge

*In order to participate in the runDisney Kessel Run Challenge, runners must be registered for either the Star Wars First Order Challenge OR Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon PLUS the runDisney Kessel Run Challenge. The Star Wars First Order Challenge and Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon are subject to a separate registration fee, eligibility requirements and capacity limits.

So, what say you readers? Is this a good deal? I’m still wavering a bit. Why? Because I’m committed to my Couch to 5K plan. The event web site does say that the distance doesn’t have to be completed all at one time. So, I might choose to do this. If you want to do this virtual half marathon, you need to sign up before February 28th and finish the 13.1 miles before March 31st. So, this is totally doable. Plus…

As part of the registration process participants will have the opportunity to make a donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation on behalf of Star Wars: Force for Change. Starlight Children’s Foundation brings joy and comfort to hospitalized children and their families through programs at children’s hospitals around the world.

On behalf of Star Wars: Force for ChangerunDisney is also thrilled to make an independent donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation in honor of the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon.

So, it will be good to know your money is going towards charity.

I’m going to look into the finances this week to see if I can sign up. After all, I don’t have to do all 13.1 miles at one time. So, I could just add up those miles in my couch to 5K program and send them in when I get to 13.1. Hmmm.

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon Announced!

  1. im so on the fence about this. I feel like rundisney is just looking at ways to still make money and also bring back coast to coast without actually having the DL races come back.

    however i was super excited to see the Phasma half ornament in person last weekend

  2. I signed up for it. I will be attending my first runDisney event in April so it helped me to stay focused on my goal. It was my goal to participate in the Dark Side 5k and 10k but it has been a bumpy road. Signed up for the races then had to have spinal fusion surgery. The virtual runs have helped me because who doesn’t love Disney bling.

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