Catching Up with the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – The Merchandise

Since I’ve been away from blogging, we’ve received some important information regarding the upcoming 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Since I don’t have much time this evening, I’m going to start off with going over the merchandise. After all, it’s important stuff. In the Disney Parks and Resorts blog, they posted a lot of images for the merchandise. You can read the press release here

Okay, here’s the first image in the press release. This is to wet your appetite for all the generic Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend merchandise. As you can see, none of these pieces of merchandise is race specific. I love three items in particular….

First, I love the jacket. So much so, I need to see if my budget can handle the purchase. Also, how cool is that hat???!!!

I also love the medal rack. I’m sure this item will be pricey. However, kudos to runDisney  for deciding to take a bite out of the sales for those whom sell medal racks.

Last, but not least, I love the blue generic Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend shirt. I might be buying this one. Hmmm.

I’m going to take the merch out of order from the release to better organize this post. Here is the merchandise for the big boy part of the weekend… the first Disneyland Double Dare. As you know, the past 4 years, this was the Dumbo Double Dare. If it had stayed as such, I might be running the challenge to get that 5th Anniversary Dumbo Double Dare medal. However, runDisney changed it up. So, I’m only doing the half.

What I love in this part are the shirts. All of these guys look amazing! If I were running the double dare, it would be tempting to purchase. I am curious as to what the men’s version of the “I Did It” shirt will look like. The image above is clearly the ladies shirt. I really like the color!

Here is the merch for the race I’ll be running…the Disneyland Half Marathon!

I do like the graphic on the ladies “I Did It” shirt. However, if you’ve followed this blog long enough, you know I’m not the biggest fan of grey. So, hopefully the guys shirt will feature the same graphic in a different color.

If I don’t like the color, the red, moisture wicking half marathon shirt will have to do. However, I don’t like that it doesn’t have Buzz Lightyear. I do love the Buzz magnet, though!

Here’s some of the merchandise for the 5K and 10K races.

Even though I’m not a fan of grey shirts, this 5K shirt might be my favorite of the shirts. Would it really be bad for me to buy this 5K shirt even though I’m not running the 5K?

The non “I Did It!” Disneyland 10K shirt is also really cool. I love the Monster’s logo on the back!

The last image is of the shoe ornament for this race. This is a new kind of thing that runDisney seems to be doing this year. They have an ornament for each race. I did buy the one for the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon Weekend earlier this year. However, I’ll likely pass on the Disneyland Half Marathon ornament.

One week from TODAY, will you be lining up for that official runDisney merchandise? I know that I have some tough decisions to make. After all, I can’t break the bank for this expo with the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon a few months later. However, all this Pixar goodness has me examining my budged really closely. For those interested, I will be at the Expo as close to its opening as I can get there for. After all, I want the best choice of official runDisney merchandise. There’s only one way to ensure that…be there early on the first day. Let the countdown to the 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend begin…. (wouldn’t it be great if the Disneyland Double Dare was called the Pixar Animation Challenge?)

I’m ready to run…..

To Infinity…..and Beyond!

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