Catching Up…

The past few weeks have been a little crazy in my house. So crazy that I haven’t completed a single workout in two weeks time. After the week of getting back to 4 workouts in one week, I was wiped out. So much so, that I didn’t get out and run in the middle of the week. I took that Friday off because….

I had a rehearsal for the Azusa Pacific University Choir and Orchestra 36th reunion concert! I had initially thought I’d get in my track workout in the morning before the rehearsal. Then, my car broke down and I spent the morning waiting on it to get fixed. The car was back and in good shape by 3pm. Unfortunately, I needed to be in Azusa by 5:30pm. So, no time for running.

In a total surprise, I got to play in the orchestra for this reunion concert. The orchestra assignments didn’t go out until Friday afternoon. I was thrilled to get to play my trumpet in this amazing group again. Oh, the memories!

We had rehearsal Friday evening and Saturday morning at APU. So, I got to take a walk by my old mod. I lived here for 2 and a half years! I was living in this place when the Northridge Earthquake shook up LA. There were lots of fun times spent here.

The choir was massive for this reunion concert. Here they all are at the church we performed at Saturday evening.

And here’s the awesome trumpet section I got to play with!

Ah, back in the trumpet section with the APU UCO! In a previous life, all I wanted to do was play my trumpet in a symphony orchestra. Unfortunately, I was not good enough to make that happen. Don’t get me wrong. Back in the day, I was a very good player. However, Orchestra players are so technically precise. Anyways, performing with the APU UCO again was a total trip down memory lane. Yes, I didn’t get to run over the weekend. But, this weekend, it was totally worth it. Sometimes, you need to do things that are good for your soul. I’m still very much a musician at heart. It may not be my profession. However, my love of music comes from a place really deep down inside. It was an awesome weekend where I got to see old friends, perform songs that were part of this group when I was there and after. I loved seeing how much the present group had changed and how much had remained the same as well. It’s a total shame that the APU UCO will not longer be around next school year.

The day after the reunion concert, we took Colton off to get his first hair cut. We originally tried to get it done on April Fools Day. However, the boy was a little under the weather. So, we had to postpone it a week.

He wasn’t a big fan of getting the hair cut. But. afterwards, we got to let him roam around a little and that brought back the smiles!

Week number 2 of my hiatus from training, my wife had a minor surgery. Don’t worry too much. She’s doing okay. However, the incision left her with stitches. So, she was advised to take it easy for the week. That meant, I had more Colton watching than usual. So, I had to be there until he goes to sleep (a little after 8pm) each night. That limits my running because I don’t want to start a run that late. Usually, I’ll at least get his bath started and go off running between 7:30pm and 7:45pm.

Over last weekend, while I didn’t get out running, we did get to have some fun with some neighbors. They let Colton take a spin in this little Mini. He loved it! Before I know it, he’ll be old enough to drive for real.

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday. My church actually switched up their normal meetings and met at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. So, I got to walk to church for the first time!

They even had some fun decorations out to celebrate.

This pic was taken before Easter. But, I had to share. We took this at Toys R Us/Babies R Us. While this is technically Colton’s 2nd Easter, we’re counting it as his first. After all, last year, Easter was just 9 days after he was born.

This is us on Easter Sunday 2016. It’s amazing to see how much the boy has grown!

With all of the missed runs/workouts, I got to thinking about my schedule. By the time Easter Sunday had finished, I decided that I need to give morning mid-week runs another shot. This will be my second go around with mid-week morning training runs. Fitting them in before work is always a challenge for me because I’m not a morning person naturally. However, my wife needs my help in the evenings for at least the next week (until the stitches are removed). So, for this week, it’s kind of like, run in the morning or miss more training runs. With those two options, I’m trying out running my mid-week runs in the morning again. This time around, I’m up at 4:30am and out the door by 5am. By doing this, I should be home by 6am (when I normally wake up). This way, I’m not missing out on any time I get with the boy during the week and I still get in the miles I need. The trial period will last until I run at the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon June 4th. So, if it doesn’t work out, I can always switch back. We’ll see how it goes.

Image from Jeff Galloway’s Facebook Page

By the way…did y’all catch the Boston Marathon on Monday? I know a few people who ran in the race this year. It was fun to watch their progress on social media. Also, it was fun to watch the elites run. I’m not going to lie. I got a little emotional watching Meb start his last Boston Marathon. He finished 13th with a time of 2:17:00 and was a total class act as usual. The runners from the USA had quite an amazing showing. We had the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the Women’s race. Then, we had the 2nd place finisher and 6 of the top 10 in the Men’s race.

It’s time to get back to work. The Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon is right around the corner.

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