The Force Was Strong with this Young Padawan – Colton’s first runDisney Race

So, when I left off in my Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend recap, I had run the Star Wars 10K. Sorry it’s taken so long to continue with the story.

So, after my 10K, I was off to look for my wife, boy, and parents who had traveled separate from me. On the way to find then, I ran into Patty from the My No-Guilt Life blog! It’s always fun to run into my virtual running friends! She was also looking for her family.

We did all meet up. For those that have never done a runDisney kids race, let’s just say there’s a lot of chaos. The entry points were not entirely clear. However, I found the banner for the “Diaper Dash” and saw others waiting with their kiddos. So, I figured I found where we needed to be.

Unlike the other races, the Diaper Dash allowed you to put your kid’s race bib on their back!

The sun was shining bright. So, we waited in the shade as long as we could. Eventually, a runDisney person made their way to gather us Diaper Dashers up and give us our race instructions. I was a little disappointed in this race for a few reasons. First, the runDisney person came out nearly 45 minutes after our race was supposed to start. Second, the instructions were not entirely accurate. We were told that the two of us could be out with Colton (that was true). However, we were encouraged to have one of us at the start and one at the finish. I took the finish. However, the Disney Photo Pass folks took up space along the finish line. It probably would have worked out better if I had been at the start. Oh well.

They had us line up and took us out through the finish line. Brooke and I were able to have Colton in the first wave of crawlers! Colton wasn’t too sure about this new experience.

At the finish line area were a few characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Since I don’t watch that show, I had no idea who they were. It was fun to see a different droid out and about!

Race MC for our race was familiar to me. It was Carissa! Back in September, when I ran the Disneyland 5K, I had mentioned to Carissa that my boy was going to be in the Diaper Dash at the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. She actually remembered the conversation and asked me how old the boy was when we talked. I thought she was talking about how long it had been since my last runDisney race. I was a little caught off guard. Apparently, spontaneity was not my strong suit on this day.

As I chatted with Carissa, they were finishing rolling out the carpet for the diaper dash. We made our way to the start. Brooke took Colton, I went to the finish area where I was told I could wait. Unfortunately, the cameras of the Disney Photo Pass people filled the finish line. It took Colton a little bit to get going. This carpet was a new experience and a new feel for him. He wasn’t entirely sure that it was okay. Eventually, Brooke got out her cell phone to motivate Colton to move forward. That worked pretty well. Then, he stalled. Carissa came out and tried to encourage Colton and the baby next to him by offering her microphone. That got Colton to move a little more forward. Full disclosure, Colton didn’t get all the way to the finish line. He decided he had enough and just sat down close to the finish line. Since they had other waves to get off, I went out and picked him up.

He did enough to get his first runDisney medallion, though!

And the finisher photo with Colton’s very first runDisney medallion! Of course, Colton was more interested in putting his medallion in his mouth than taking a picture. Although I’m not sure when, but I’m sure there will be other runDisney races in Colton’s future.

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