Colton’s First Christmas

Something I should have seen coming has happened this December. You see, Brooke and I have been trying to become a family of 3 since December of 2010. The past 4 Christmases, all I wanted was to be a daddy. Those were rough years. Don’t get me wrong, Brooke and I had some wonderful Christmases while waiting to become a family of 3. It’s just that our hearts ached for a little one to share this wonderful time of year with. Christmas has been my favorite holiday of the entire year and I couldn’t wait to share that will a little one. After so many years of waiting, this year, we finally had a little one to share this season with. It was Colton’s first Christmas season. Both Brooke and I had so many plans. My motivation to work out and run dropped whenever we needed to do things with the boy. I should have seen it coming. The fact that I’ve run so little this month shouldn’t be a shocker to me. That said, I don’t have any workouts to share. So, instead, I thought I’d share our Christmas weekend with you all. It was one I hope to never forget.


It started out with Christmas Eve day with my parents at their retirement home. We had such a fun day with my parents!


Watching Colton crawl is a total trip sometimes. He enjoyed being able to crawl down the hall to my parents place!


I don’t know why, but the Exit sign made him laugh so hard! It’s truly amazing what little ones find funny.


After lunch and some chatting, we got into the unwrapping of gifts. Colton didn’t know what was going on with the wrapping. However, he loved his new toys!


He even tried to help out after a while of watching the rest of us!


Colton found Grandma and Grandpa’s Mickey ears from Disneyland’s 50th and 60th Anniversaries. Obviously, this Disney fan couldn’t resist getting a pic with my boy in the Mickey ears! Colton had so much fun roaming around Grandma and Grandpa’s place and getting to play with toys we don’t have here at home.


On Christmas Day, we went over to Brooke’s parents place to do Christmas with Brooke’s family.


Here’s the Christmas Present tree that Brooke’s mom and sister set up. Not all of these were for Colton. However, this was very much the Christmas of Colton as he received the lions share of the Christmas presents.


He got a little better at the opening of presents on this second Christmas celebration. However, we were still starting the process. As much as Colton liked getting the new toys and other gifts, I could tell that he was also a little overwhelmed. I mean, with the exception of the baby showers, he had never received more than 2 toys on any given day. His haul was much greater this Christmas time. There were many times where I saw him look at Brooke and I with an expression that was asking…really? More stuff?


Much like the day before, Christmas day was filled with family, laughter, and good food….oh…and presents too! Throughout the first two days of our Christmas weekend, Colton was around a lot of people. He really seems to like being around people. There were lots of smiles and lots of laughter. However, Christmas day was not the end…


On Monday, the day after Christmas, we celebrated Christmas with Colton’s biological parents.


They gave him this cool play thing! Knowing my boy, he’s going to love this toy to play with. There’s so much to do on it. Each side has a different activity.


It’s been a pretty amazing Christmas season for us and Colton. We got his first picture with Santa in the Los Angeles Angels locker room…


We took him to Disneyland and DCA for the very first time…can you tell he loved It’s A Small World all lit up?


Colton got to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time…


at Disney Lights Up the Season at the Walt Disney Studios!


We even got to take him to our favorite house in Pasadena for Christmas lights!


It turns out, Colton really enjoys Christmas lights! He’s in the right family because Brooke and I LOVE Christmas lights.


After so many years of praying, God has finally blessed us with this amazing little boy! Colton is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received! I know that he won’t remember this Christmas except for the photos and videos we can share with him as he gets older. He has no clue what just went on this past weekend or this season right now. But, this will be a Christmas I will never forget. Yes, I skipped some runs. Yes, I’ll probably pay for it later. But, it was totally worth it. I love being Colton’s daddy! I loved getting to have him involved in my favorite holiday of the year. As the years go by, I know it will be fun watching him grow in his understanding of what Christmas is all about. There is only ONE first Christmas. I have no regrets about how Colton’s first Christmas turned out.

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