Mixed Results on Week 1 of my 2017 Los Angeles Marathon Training


I may, indeed have 26.2 miles of greatness at the 2017 Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. However, week 1 of training did not live up to that expectation. Let’s just say that the holiday weekend distracted me very much and my weekend training did not happen. Before that, however, I started off fantastically. Let’s look at how the week turned out…


So, on Tuesday, I got out and put in 4 miles…just like the calendar asked for. The weather has finally started behaving like fall. So, I loved being out in much cooler temps! I went with the run 20, walk 40 seconds run/walk ratio. This is the ratio I will be using unless I not otherwise. So, from here on out, I won’t be mentioning my run/walk intervals unless they are different than the above. I’d really like to keep these intervals all the way through the marathon!


As you can see, I started this run out fantastically. Although, the place I came to the end of 1 mile seemed a bit early on this route that I’m very familiar with. With a full marathon to prepare for, I need to be running my mid-week runs at 4 miles or more. So, the 3 mile runs are out the window…and hopefully won’t return except for recovery after a goal race. The main surprise in this run is how slow mile 2 lasted. I suspect that part of the reason for this is where Garmin had me finishing mile 1 was before I actually finished a mile and they caught up by the end of mile 2.


If you look at this chart, you’ll see where my mind is going to gravitate towards in this training cycle. I want to finish each 4 mile run in 50:01 or less. So, I’ll take the finish in 49:23. I know that I’m capable of faster times over 4 miles. However, there will be no need to panic if I come in close to the 50:01. When I’m racing the Los Angeles Marathon, I’ll be having these numbers on a piece of paper with me to keep me going.


Thursday was Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I took advantage of the day off from work to get in a rare mid-week morning run. The temps were perfect for a 4 mile run! While this wasn’t a “Turkey Trot” run like a lot of runners do on Thanksgiving morning, I still got out there and did the work.


As you can see, this was a much better run. Mile 1 was slower than Tuesday. However, I also came to the end of mile 1 in a different place than Tuesday. So, that could account for that. Once again, mile 3 was my fastest mile! I was very happy to keep this run in under 48 minutes. I really like having a sub 12 minute per mile average pace on any given run. What I like about this run is that I’m not changing my intervals anywhere. I’m keeping it as even as I can. This is important because in the marathon, at the end of mile 4, I will still have 22.2 miles to finish. So, burning myself out in 4 miles won’t help me get to my goal time.


Later on Thursday, Brooke and I took Colton to his first Thanksgiving meal with our families!


It was so much fun being this little family of 3 on Thanksgiving!


My mom brought him these two head pieces. One was a turkey…


The other was a pilgrim! Colton loved his head gear! Overall, this was an amazing Thanksgiving! Colton did really well at the dinner table and was in good spirits throughout the day!


Black Friday came and I ended up going out in the afternoon. It turned into a huge mistake that basically took out my weekend workout plans. I didn’t get the above Elmo at Black Friday (I got it on Saturday). However, I did get several Christmas presents for Colton. The problem came in that I went to the Citadel Outlets in the City of Commerce. Big Mistake! The drive wasn’t too bad until the 1 mile marker before the exit I needed. From that point, it took me nearly 30 minutes to get off the freeway. Then, I had almost another 30 minutes trying to get parked. I ended up settling for street parking. It was a total nightmare. However, once I made it off the freeway, I just had to get parked. No matter how long it took, I was going to get parked. After all, I had battled 1 mile in 30 minutes. There was no turning back. The problem is that, by the time I got parked it was nearly 5pm. I not only needed to buy a few things at the outlets, but needed to get back to the local running store by 7pm to get my Cliff Shot Bloks for my scheduled 13 mile run on Saturday. The crowds were just as bad as the traffic. Some stores had lines just to get in them. By the time I made my first purchases, it was around 5:30pm. So, making it back to the running store was now out of the question. I decided I’d switch up my 13 mile run and my gym workout. This way, I could stay and make good use of the effort just to get to the outlets. Long story short, I didn’t get home until 10pm. Yikes!

On Saturday morning, I was seriously too wiped out to hit up the gym. So, I slept a little longer and ended up going out for some more Christmas shopping. While at Toys R US, I saw the above Elmo and knew that we needed to add this to our Christmas decorations. Colton LOVES Elmo on Sesame Street. I face timed with Brooke in the store and she loved it as well. After all was said and done, I didn’t get home until around 1:30pm.


I did get to watch USC take down Notre Dame in College Football! Yep. Teaching my boy the ways of Trojan football early! During the game, my wife noticed that the forecast had changed for Sunday morning. What was supposed to be a cloudy and cold morning turned into rain all morning long. Sadly, I wasn’t motivated enough to get out and run 13 miles in the rain. I think that all the holiday fun was killing motivation to work out. This is my first time through Thanksgiving and Christmas with my little boy. As I was in stores shopping for his Christmas presents (which we’ve nearly finished purchasing!), I saw glimpses of the future toys he might want. It really hit me hard (in a good way) that I now have a son. This is the first of many Christmases with him. After so many years of waiting, we’ve started this wonderful season of life as a family of 3. All the things I’m going to get to teach my son. All of the things I’ll get to do with him. It’s pretty amazing!


On Sunday, instead of running or going to the gym, we put up Christmas decorations. You should have seen the looks on Colton’s face as more of the decorations went up. He LOOOOOOOOOVED the Christmas tree all lit up!


He was completely enamored with our star that goes on top of the tree. It was so much fun exposing him to this new season of the calendar year. I can’t wait until he remembers some of the things we do. I can’t wait to see what parts of what Brooke and I do for Christmas will mean a lot to him. What things he’ll be excited about…we’re in for a long, fun journey together.


Sunday afternoon, we headed down to Angel Stadium…aka The Big A…to see Santa. Of all the ways we could introduce Colton to Santa. How cool is it that we got to do so in the Clubhouse (locker room) for the Los Angeles Angels!


It was absolutely AMAZING to have his first visit with Santa come in this way. We brought a new unwrapped toy valued at $10 or more and got in.


Here is Brooke and Colton with Mike Trout’s locker in the background!


And my selfie with Mike Trout’s locker…



Now, since the lockers weren’t game day ready, there’s no way to know for sure. However, do you see the “27” in the place where a name plate would go? That’s why I think it’s Mike Trout’s.


Of course, the main reason we were there was got get Colton his first picture with Santa. It came out pretty great! Don’t you think?


Of course, mommy and daddy had to get in on the action as well.


Colton and Brooke even got this pic with Santa’s Elves (with Mike Trout over his head!)!


Yes, Sunday was a great day and finished a very fun family weekend for our little family of 3! I did miss 2 workouts out of the 4 on the calendar. But, it was so worth it. There’s only 1 more present to purchase for Colton and we got his first picture with Santa finished. So, it was a pretty successful weekend.


This week, I’ll look to bounce back. It’s going to be tough. I have the Disneyland Candlelight Processional this coming Sunday and a dress rehearsal on Thursday. So, my non-running, non-workout part of life will have me pretty busy. The goal is to stay focused…get both mid-week runs in again this week…then, find time to run and do the gym workout on the weekend. It can be done. Week 2…here we go!

2 thoughts on “Mixed Results on Week 1 of my 2017 Los Angeles Marathon Training

  1. the holidays are always hard and the weather on Saturday and Sunday was CRAZY! I was at the notre dame game (I had to go to my last home game as a student!) in the rain and it was a fun but I was so wiped after

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