Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Merchandise Preview


It’s finally Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Week! On this past Friday, on the Disney Parks Blog, we got a sneak peek at the official race merchandise that will be sold. So, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of that merchandise…


Fist up are some of the shirts that will be sold.


Next up…more shirts, a glass, the running had, and headbands.


Here are the “I Did It!” shirts. I love the Captain America 5K shirt! Too bad I’m not running that race.


Here are some of the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge merchandise.


The last image shared is the Dooney & Burke bags.


What do you guys think about the previewed merchandise? Are you happy about it? I’m not exactly regretting my decision to wait until Saturday to hit up the Expo. This race was sort of a last minute replacement for the TCS NYC Marathon. Since I didn’t run the marathon, I wanted at least a half marathon between the 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge and 2017 Star Wars Rebel Challenge. So, after talking it over with the wife, we decided I could to the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon (and not the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge). Since we are still a work in progress as far as budgeting with a baby, I had decided before I even registered that I would not be purchasing anything at the Expo for this race. This not only frees up money to our budget, but it also allows me to utilize a day off from work on something else. If I were to want to purchase anything, I’d want to be there on Thursday. Instead, I can just show up Saturday afternoon, get my bib and race shirt, roam around the Expo floor for a little bit and head home. This will be a low key expo for me. I’m okay with that.

One thing that sucks about being a guy with these runDisney races is that I’m often loving the women’s shirts more than the men’s. I tend to like some of the colors or graphics better. My favorite item in the preview is the white, long sleeved tech shirt in the first set of merchandise I showed in this post. However, it looks like it’s got the V-Neck that would indicate it’s a women’s shirt. However, I like that it’s a white shirt and I like the graphic image on the front the best. Thankfully, it’s not a guys shirt. The best “I Did It!” shirt is for the 5K (which I’m not running). Outside of that, I’m not actually tempted by the rest of it.

Please know that I’m not trying to discourage anyone from making purchases of the official race merchandise. Many folks will purchase a lot. Over the past two years, I’ve purchased my fair share of Avengers race gear. If you want the largest selection, you need to be there on Thursday. Last year, I went on Friday to the expo and was surprised that I was able to get these guys…




Keep in mind that this race has not sold out. So, the frenzy for official merchandise isn’t as great as races that sell out quicker. If you’re not arriving until Friday or Saturday, you might just get some cool merchandise.


Okay, this was put out on Monday…so, less than 3 days until the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend begins! Happy shopping and running!

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