Getting to Know the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Course – DCA

Well, this has taken longer than anticipated to get finished. But, I finally have my first post looking at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Course!


The folks at runDisney have a much better designed map of the course. However, I found this one online and rather like it because I could play around with the map to see exactly where we would be running. I’m doing this week’s posts as much for myself as everyone who might be interested. This is the third year of the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon and the third different half marathon route. From what I’ve seen, I think I might like this course best. After all, they’ve eliminated the couple miles on the Santa Ana River Trail that were not fun to run. Also, they have included more time on Disney property than the previous two years! So, for those of you who love runDisney for the time spent running in the theme parks, I think you’re going to like this race so much better than previous years. There’s so much to consider over 13.1 miles. So, I thought I’d break this course down in 4 posts. First up will be our time from the start through Disney California Adventure (just over the first 2 miles).


So, here is the map of what we’re going to cover. I didn’t get the start line in this cut out of the course. Sorry about that. So, let’s get started…


The race starts off in the usual location. No matter what half marathon you’re running at the Disneyland Resort, the start line is always the same. For Avengers and the Disneyland Half Marathons you head towards Katella Avenue. For Star Wars and Tinker Bell, you head the other way towards Katella. This is the Avengers, so you have the same exact start as the Disneyland Half Marathon.


Once you pass the start line, you will almost immediately be heading on a slightly downhill under the walkway that connects one side of Downtown Disney with the other. There’s a slight uphill on the other side. In this first part, be careful of the reflective bumps in the lane markers. The last few runDisney races I’ve done, I’ve seen someone on the deck because they landed on one of those things and fell. The energy is high at the start of the race and it will be crowded (unless you start at the front of your corral). So, make sure you are careful at this starting area. You don’t want your race to be over before it truly begins.


You’ll run past the Grand Californian and then turn into backstage DCA. It’s only around a quarter-mile before you make this turn. So, it happens rather quickly.


This backstage area isn’t all that exciting. You’ll be way more excited (if not more tired) by the time you get back here. This is one part of the race you’ll run again in the last mile. The nice thing about this part of the course is that it’s wide. By the time you get here, you should be able to have an easier time finding your running groove. If you’re a back of the packer, like myself, you’ll probably still have some weaving to do. However, there will be space for you to maneuver.


The course makes a turn backstage to take you onstage. You’ll run by this area. It’s still decently open. However, it will start to narrow.


As we enter DCA, it will be by Cars Land. Yep. The view will be really nice. Beware of runners darting over and stopping for selfies…


It’s a pretty good spot to stop if you want that pic.

Pro Tip – Don’t stop when you first get into this part of the course. Stay to the middle and find a spot that works for you for that selfie.


The route will take us by Flo’s V-8 Cafe. However, we will not be heading up Route 66. Instead..


We will be making our way towards It’s A Bug’s Land. The course could get a little narrow here. Plus, with it being in mile 2, it could be rather dark. So, be prepared for that.


The course goes from It’s A Bug’s Land by the Hollywood Tower of Terror


Then, we’ll turn up Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood Land…


Before you turn Left at the Carthay Circle Restaurant, on your right side will be the Storyteller’s Statue. If cast members don’t shoo you away, this is a fun picture spot.


The left turn past the Carthay Circle Restaurant will take you back towards Cars Land. The main sign for Cars Land will be on your left. It’s a good spot for a picture.


From Cars Land, you head towards Paradise Pier.


We make our way up a slightly as we head towards Ariel’s Grotto. Then, as the course turns, it also heads down by Screamin’. We make our way towards Toy Story Midway Mania. Once there, you might see Mr. Potato Head. We follow the pier all the way around Paradise Bay.



As you can see the course has a pretty good width here. So, course crowding shouldn’t be too much of an issue.image

As you make your way around Paradise Bay, you’ll come to a pretty good spot to get your picture with Mickey’s Fun Wheel. If you’re there early enough, you might get a good pic with the fountains all lit up!


At the Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, you’ll turn to the left and head down the Grizzly River Peak area. This are can be quite narrow at times. There’s a restroom on the right side close to the Grizzly River Rapids attraction, if you need it. If you’re here early enough, it will be pretty dark as well. So, be cautious going through this part of the course. If you’re in the latter corrals, this area might slow you down a little bit. Don’t worry about that. Make up time on the open roads once you leave the theme parks.


The course wraps around to head up the Condor Flats area. You’ll pass by Soarin’ over California on your way back to Buena Vista Street and the Carthay Circle Restaurant. You’ll get to the second mile marker at the circle.


We make a left onto Buena Vista Street and head towards the entrance to DCA. From there, we cross the Esplanade. That’s where this post comes to an end. Come back tomorrow to check out the Disneyland part of the course. Yes, I’m going to have a post up on a Saturday. With race weekend less than a week away, I want to get all the posts up ASAP.

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