2016 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Event Guide Highlights


It’s taken way too long for this to go live, but the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Event Guide is now up! So, let’s take a look at what’s inside…


First up, here is the race information for all the races in one place!


Okay, let’s get into the details of the weekend. Each race weekend starts off with a health and fitness expo. This is where you’ll pick up your race bib, race shirt, and any pre-ordered merchandise. Along with this, you’ll have various vendors, speakers, and official runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend merchandise. For events at the Disneyland Resort, the expo is held at the Disneyland Hotel Convention area. RunDisney would like you to start off your expo experience by heading down to the lower level to get your race bib. Just follow the carpet downstairs…


You’ll see all the booths set up to get your bib.


Here’s a map of how everything will be set up on the lower level. Before you go to the race weekend, you’ll want to print out our waiver. Click here to get to your waiver. On the bottom right corner of the waiver, you’ll find your name, city and state you’re from, and bib number. Use that bib number to locate your corral below…


This is the bib assignments for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. Please note, this corral assignment is good for the half marathon for sure. However, you might find a different letter on your bib when you get it. If you have two different letters on your bib, the first one is for the Doctor Strange 10K and the second is for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.


I’m running the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon only. So, this is the chart for me.


Once you’ve received your bib, taken your picture for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, and taken care of any pre-purchased merchandise, you’ll head upstairs for the main expo floor. The event guide will give you all the information about which vendors will be at the expo and where they will be. It’s always good to look at the list of who will be there before you go.


I want to add something here about the official runDisney merchandise. If you desire to have the best selection of official merchandise for this event, you will want to arrive at the expo on the first day it’s open no later than noon. Now, the fever pitch of merchandise sales runDisney has enjoyed in the past is not apart of its present. So, if you want some of the official merchandise, you will more than likely be able to find what you need after noon of the first day. I’m merely pointing this out because, if you want the best selection of official merchandise, you need to be there early. They will line up people as early as a few hours before the expo opens. So, if official merchandise is a huge thing for you, ask the Disney cast members in runDisney gear where they are lining everyone up. It seems like, recently, they line everyone up in a ballroom that’s over Goofy’s Kitchen. I would advise that you go there before picking up your race bib if you are stressed about getting any particular official merchandise item.


Also, upstairs, is where you’ll pick up your race shirt.


With the expo out of the way, let’s look at the races…


The first race of the weekend will be the Captain America 5K. This is the course map for the race. It looks pretty similar to the Disneyland 5K.


Here’s what the corrals will look like. As you can see, there are 4 corrals for this race. Unfortunately, there are no corrals released before the race weekends for the 5K events. So, you won’t know your corral until you get your bib.


The next race is the Doctor Strange 10K race. Here is what that course will look like.


Here are the corrals for the Doctor Strange 10K. There are 7 corrals for this race. If you looked at the corral placements for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, you’ll notice that there are more corrals for the half marathon. This is why you’ll likely find 2 different letters on your race bib for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge.


The big race of the weekend is the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. This is the third year for the race and the third different course. To me, this course looks like a winner. I’m going to spend the next few days going over the course in more detail. I love that they kept the part of the course that goes through Angel Stadium and took out the part on the Santa Ana River Trail.


Here’s how the corrals will line up for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.

Avengers Guide Race Etiquette

Okay, I’m borrowing this from last year’s event guide. This year’s guide made it hard to put all the etiquette in one place. So, I’m re-using this. Trust me, all the same information is in this year’s event guide. I will always point this out because it’s good to know. A couple to highlight on this list….

  • Please enter your correct start corral.  – Guys, there are more than one person who will check your bib to make sure you are in the correct corral. If you want to run with a friend who is in a different corral, go to the slower paced corral to start.
  • Run or walk no more than two abreast. – This one is something I see broken all the time. Keep in mind that, even though you are running two abreast, you might approach another group that’s running two abreast. When you do this, you create a situation with 4 abreast. So, you might think that you’re following proper etiquette. However, you’re still creating a wall, preventing other runners from getting by. So, pay attention and try to avoid making your group of 2 a group of more.
  • Move to the side if someone behind you says, “Excuse Me,” “Coming Through,” or “On Your Left!” When someone says these things, they are not being rude. They are alerting you that they are coming through with proper etiquette and giving you the chance to get out of their way. I’ve seen so many runners over the years who get offended by this. I think that’s why I have such a hard time saying those things and end up just slowing down or waiting until an opening happens.


Also, in the event guide, runDisney’s running guru, Jeff Galloway, gives us some tips…


This covers most of his advice about staying motivated. Boy do I need this!


Not only do we get advise from Jeff Galloway, but Runner’s World has 6 exercises that will help improve running form.



Not only this, but the videos are right there for you to watch how to do these exercises! This may not help you with the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon races specifically. However, you might want to take notes for the future.


What you can use for this race is the Runner’s World Hydration Tips. Don’t wait until race weekend to start this. Start NOW!


Another vital piece of information you might want to read BEFORE the race is the runDisney costume guidelines…


After all, nothing would suck more than to spend lots of time on a costume that will not be allowed.


I’m almost done. MarathonFoto is no longer the official race photography group of runDisney. They are using the Disney PhotoPass system. So, this information will help you find your photos fast after the races.


On the last page, you’ll find information about when the 2017 runDisney Races will be held. Above are the races at Disneyland…


Here’s the Walt Disney World races…


Lastly, yes, there will be another Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend!


To close this out, is the information on runDisney’s social presence. If you’re not already following runDisney on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you should. Also, in the graphic above are the hash tags for the race weekend.


At the end of it all, the medals await. We’re only about a week away from the start of the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend! Check out the Event Guide in its entirety by clicking here. Remember, runDisney is not printing out their race guides anymore. So, make sure to check out the digital version. See you at the start line!

2 thoughts on “2016 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Event Guide Highlights

  1. When I was early for the Disneyland Half Expo, the merchandise line was under where the bib pick up lines are. When it was time they then led us up to the doors leading into the merchandise area. Is the 10K the same route as the Disneyland 10K? It sure looks like it.

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