Good, Not Great Week 15 Recovery Week

I’ll get to posting about my 13 miler hopefully this week. I had technical issues with my internet connection that kept me from getting that post finished. It might not be until Thursday or Friday, though. I’m anticipating that runDisney will be releasing their corrals and event guide for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend TODAY! So, I’ll try to get a post together for tomorrow to cover the highlights. There’s a new course for the Half Marathon! Check it out!


From what I could gather, we’re not going to be on that dreaded river trail! And we still get to run through Angel Stadium!



On Tuesday, I got out for my 3 miles with the run 20 seconds, walk 40 seconds intervals. I knew that this run wold be slower (don ‘t look at the lower right corner of this graphic….it has the wrong information). According to the Garmin, I finished this 3 miles in 36:52. It’s slower than I had been going. However, after the really long runs, I usually have a slow run or two in the recovery week. So, even as I was running, I wasn’t sad about my finish time. This run was about getting back at it. Here’s how the splits looked…


As you can see, mile 1 wasn’t all that bad. I actually was very happy with how mile 1 tuned out. However, in mile 2, I started feeling the tiredness from that 13 mile run. The legs ran and walked slower than normal. I was nearly a minute off the mark I set for myself at the end of mile 2. However, I just kept going. Even mile 3 was on the slow side. This run was just enough to keep me going. Finishing the 3 miles mattered more than the finish time.

On Wednesday, Brooke and I had a very busy day. We had Colton’s 7 month doctor appointment. It wasn’t a real check up. However, when he got his flu shot at the 6 month check up, we found out that he had to get the shot in 2 parts the first time. So, we had to come back for this second shot. Colton handled it like a champ. In the afternoon, we had our social worker come out to give us our final home inspection to re-certify us to adopt. Since we haven’t finalized the adoption yet, we still needed to keep the certification up to date. It’s the last home inspection we will need before we get to finalize the adoption. All that’s left now is to get that court date and show up. It’s amazing to think we are finally to this point! After so many hoops to jump through, we’re finally to the last one!


After the re-certification, we headed out to a local pumpkin patch to introduce Colton to pumpkins…


He wasn’t so sure about them. Maybe, next year, he’ll be cooler with the experience. Brooke and I wanted to start this tradition right from year 1. The pumpkin patch we went to was pretty cool. They had a petting zoo, pony rides, 2 bounce houses, and 2 inflatable slides. Oh, if they keep this up, Colton should have so much fun in future years!


Thursday, I was a little concerned going out because it was warmer than Tuesday’s run. I ran by feel and I actually finished faster! It felt amazing to get back under 36 minutes for the 3 miles! Recovering well!


What was the difference? Miles 2 and 3. As you can see, I finished mile 1 only 1 second faster than Tuesday. However, I was nearly 30 seconds faster in mile 2. At 24:24, I thought I could come close to finishing under 36 minutes. But, I’d have to push to get there. No problem! Mile 3 ended up being the fastest mile of the week! The new intervals are working out well for me. I feel better at the end of my runs and my times are going well.


Saturday or Sunday was supposed to be a 6 mile recovery run. However, I was under the weather this weekend. So, I opted to rest. As of Monday, I’m feeling much better. So, the rest might have been a good thing. I’ll find out this coming weekend!

Oh, and in case you didn’t hear…on Saturday, the Chicago Cubs won the National League Pennant for the first time since 1945! I married into a family from Chicago. On top of that, I still remember watching the Cubs when I was home sick as a kid because they played day games on WGN-TV. I loved listening to Harry Caray! So, there’s always been a soft spot in my sports loving heart for the Cubbies. The Angels are still my favorite team, followed by the San Francisco Giants. However, the Cubs come in third on my ranking of teams. So, it was amazing to watch them clinch the title. I watched history being made while feeding the boy. He couldn’t wait until the game ended to get his bottle. So, while he drank of his bottle, I watched the Cubs clinch. All I have to say is….Fly the W! Go! Cubs! Go!


Before you know it, the time will come for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon! Hopefully, today, we’ll get the event guide and corrals. I seriously can’t wait!

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