2017 Star Wars (Light Side) Half Marathon Weekend Medals Revealed

So, I know I’m a couple days late on getting this blog post out. However, on Monday, runDisney revealed their medal line-up for the 2017 Star Wars (Light Side) Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland. I got to not only see 2 of the medals I’ll be earning, but I got to see Colton’s first medalion. Let’s take a look…


First up is the medallion for the Kids Races. It’s an interesting picture because we have R2-D2 and Yoda holding the medallion up. However, it’s R5-D4 on the medallion itself. Who is R5-D4?


In Star Wars IV: A New Hope, R5-D4 is the droid that Luke and Uncle Owen almost went home with. However, he blew a fuse and R2-D2 replaced him. The rest is Star Was history.


The Star Wars 5K Medal is a little harder to make out. I can’t tell what ship is at the top of the medal. Yoda is kind of covering the ship up. I’m assuming it’s a ship that’s part of the Rebel Alliance. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a ship we’ll see in Rogue One. Hmmmm.


As has been the case, the Star Wars 10K medal takes the prize as the coolest medal of the bunch. I’m super excited to be earning this BB8 medal in January! Seriously…how cool is this medal?!!!!


Last up is the Star Wars Half Marathon Medal. This one has classic Han Solo and Princess Leia.


So, for the past two years, this is what the Star Wars Half Marathon medal looked like (pictured here with the medal the design came from). Since it was kind of a vague reference, I’m really happy to have a little more familiar medal in 2017.


One medal that was missing is the 2017 Star Wars Rebel Challenge Medal. Pictured above was the 2016 Rebel Challenge medal (with the Star Wars Half Marathon medal).


Here is the Rebel Challenge medal from the 2015 Star Wars Half Marathon medal (with the Star Wars Half Marathon medal). As you can see, there wasn’t too much that was different. I’d kind of love a different design for 2017. However, if the half marathon medal is any indication, it probably won’t change much.

What do you guys think? Do you like the new medals? Which is your favorite? Are you like me and love the Star Wars 10K medal best?

12 thoughts on “2017 Star Wars (Light Side) Half Marathon Weekend Medals Revealed

  1. Great post. I believe they did reveal the challenge medal and it should be on rundisney’s facebook page. I have heard the kids medal is not R5-D4 but Chopper from the animated series Rebels.

  2. The Rebel Challenge medal is atrocious. I’m upset that people spent this much money on a Challenge to have a subpar award.

    1. After seeing the Rebel Challenge Medal, I kind of agree. It’s disappointing for sure. However, I have a goal of being perfect at the Rebel Challenge and running it every year. So, I’ll just have to take the good ones with the bad. The Star Wars Half Marathon weekend is more about the event to me than the medal. It’s awesome when we get good medals, like the BB-8 one (this will be the third year of the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland and the third time that the 10K medal will be the best of the bunch). However, the bad ones still represent an accomplishment and will have their own story to tell.

      1. What other perks do I get with my registration? $185 for a single medal seems outlandish. Do I get park admission for the day, or something similar? Any info from a race veteran would be awesome.

  3. I really liked that the half marathon medal before was more specifically a reference to the medals that Leia gave Luke and Han in IV, but since it’s been pretty much the same medal for 2 years it’s nice to do something a little different.

    I like the BB8 medal the best!

    Responding to @Coach Milasich – Registration for any of the RunDisney races means that you get your Race Bib and a shirt when you pick up your race packet (usually there’s been a mini cliff bar thrown in with my shirt…) and then when you finish the race you get the medal and post-race snacks. That’s it. You don’t get park admission (you do of course get to run through the park but there aren’t ride running or anything =P ).
    It’s $185 for the half, which is slightly pricey, but most of the other half marathons I’ve looked into (Huntington Beach half, Long Beach half, etc.) are maybe $40 less? (I’ve seen a price range of about $130-$170 for half marathons).
    I was surprised when I realized that the RunDisney half marathon is actually not that expensive by comparison. It’s the other races that are a bit outlandish in the price to me; $80 for a 5K??? I’ve never seen a 5K for more than $40.

    So the short version is that, yeah, it’s basically $185 for a half marathon medal and you don’t get much on top of that, apart from how freakin awesome-fun the course is.

  4. I do like it when they change the medals looks. Even a little bit to help distinguish the different years. I was wondering if the Rebel Challenge medals will change at all?

  5. Just to help all the less than fanatic Star Wars fans out there, the 5K medal is NOT R5-D4. It is Chopper, from the Star Wars Rebels animated series (and with a brief cameo in the new Rogue One film). 🙂

  6. I’m excited about the HM medal and getting a bit nostalgic. Plus it’ll be a great way to keep Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia in our hearts.

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