2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Expo


Every runDisney race weekend starts with a health & fitness expo. This was my first time going to an expo as a dad. Since I wasn’t running the half marathon this year, I wasn’t as concerned with getting all the merchandise. So, I took my time getting to the expo and was totally prepared to leave without buying anything. It was kind of nice to not be rushing to the expo this time around. I arrived around noon. As you can see, there are plenty of signs directing you to where the expo is located. For those that have never been to a runDisney race weekend at the Disneyland Resort, the health and fitness expo is held at the Disneyland Hotel in their convention area. It’s right near Goofy’s Kitchen.


Since I wasn’t too concerned about official merchandise, I walked down the blue carpet to pick up my race bib first.


I had no problems getting my bib for the Disneyland 5K. As you can see, there was virtually no line at all.


Then, I headed over to get my bib for the Disneyland 10K. Again, virtually no line at all.


They’ve really improved how they handle the Dumbo Double Dare since it first entered the runDisney calendar. You get your bib and then step over to get your photo taken. Very efficient!


As you can see, the downstairs area was pretty easy to navigate all around!


With my bibs in hand, I headed back upstairs to get my race shirts. This is the way runDisney would probably prefer everyone to experience the Expo. Go downstairs to get your bib, pre-ordered merchandise, travel agency pick ups, and Dooney bags. Then, head upstairs to enter the expo with their “red carpet” style entrance.


After getting my race shirts, I headed over to the official merchandise area to see what was left. The line was only around 10 minutes to wait through. I headed to the “I Did It” shirts first. After all, this is where I might consider making a purchase. This was the Dumbo Double Dare “I Did It” shirt…


The Disneyland Half Marathon “I Did It” shirt….


The Disneyland 10K shirt (which I purchased)…


The Disneyland 5K “I Did It” shirt…


and the alternate Disneyland Half Marathon “I Did It” shirt. If I’m being honest, I’ll say I was rather underwhelmed with the shirts. Last year’s shirts were much better. I purchased the Disneyland 10K shirt because it had Aladdin and Genie on it. I had hoped it would be a blue or purple shirt. Grey is not my jam. As for the Disneyland 5K shirt, I was never really considering purchasing that. After all, I wasn’t into the theme of that race as much and getting a 5K “I Did It” shirt for this 3 time Marathon finisher just didn’t seem right.


I did kind of like the 10K “I Did It” magnet. However, I have so many magnets now, I’m getting picky before purchasing one again. So, I passed…


Same is true with the pins. I did like this 10K pin….


Also, the one that resembled the finishers medal was cool. However, I’m not really into the pins that are replicas of the finishers medal I’ll receive.


This 5K pin was tempting. The reason is that it was a little different from the medal. It was more colorful and had greater detail. So, I did think about making a purchase, but passed.


One thing I found fascinating is that runDisney is branching out on their merchandise offerings. This year, there were several different tank tops.


This shirt was pretty fun.


Here’s the Dumbo Double Dare shirt that was being sold. I wasn’t impressed enough to buy it. Plus, with the fact that I was only running the Disneyland 5K and Disneyland 10K, I wasn’t too interested in purchasing anything that dealt with the half marathon and Dumbo Double Dare. It didn’t feel right to purchase something for those races I was not running this year. Sure, I’ve run them in the past. But, the merchandise has “2016” on them. So, it didn’t feel right to do.


This was the back of the Disneyland Half Marathon jacket. I think I got a better one through the pre-order…


Don’t you? This was the back of the jacket. Neither jacked had anything awesome on front.


This was the best of the Dumbo Double Dare jackets. Again, not my jam.


This Dumbo Double Dare shirt was okay but not inspiring…


Same with the Disneyland Half Marathon shirt. As I looked over the merch for the Half Marathon and DDD, I’m actually glad I didn’t run those races this year. I’d be seriously disappointed in the official merchandise.


With each race expo, I’m noticing a trend with runDisney. They are offering more and more non-specific race themed merchandise…



The next two pics are a front and back..



I actually liked this shirt. However, the modern Mickey Mouse wasn’t my favorite. I saw a lot of these on the race courses. So, they must have been popular. There were more generic runDisney merchandise as well. My feeling is this…if you’re going to have merchandise at the expo, invest more in what you sell for that specific race. Sell the generic items online.


I did purchase the 10K “I Did It” shirt. Here’s a more close up look at the front…


and back. I really liked the back better than the front. So, I went ahead with purchasing only this shirt. With my discount, I spent all of $20. It’s got to be a non-Tink themed runDisney record purchase for me. Usually, I spend more. However, I was uninspired to spend more because of what I saw and because I now have a boy to take care of.


After making my one and only official race merchandise purchase, I headed over to the runDisney booth to check out the new medals. The good news is that they have the medals out on display again! I absolutely love both the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon and Castle to Chateau medals. They are amazing!


Here are the Wine and Dine Half Marathon medals…


And the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon medals…


I still need to research Doctor Strange. The 10K medal does look pretty interesting. However, since I don’t know much about that character, I’m not sure how cool this medal is.


The Infinity Gauntlet Challenge medal is pretty much the same as last year. Hopefully, the stones won’t fall out this year like they did last year.


However, I am looking forward to earning this medal on November 13th! It will be the next one I earn. Hopefully, it will come with a new half marathon PR!


After taking in the new medals, I headed over to chat with Jeff Galloway. Since I have now registered for the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon and very much want to set a new PR at that race, I had a very important question for him… how to prevent blisters from happening. If you all remember, at the Chicago Marathon last year, I was on PR pace when two blisters popped in mile 22. I had similar bad luck at the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon in mile 23. So, Jeff’s advice was to make sure I finish a 26 mile training long run in the training cycle. Also, he recommended checking out 2 Toms for their blister prevention things.


After talking with Jeff, I walked the Expo floor. There were a lot of the usual companies represented. What I did find odd was the lack of races at the expo. There were none that I could see. I didn’t spend too long on the expo floor before heading off to Disneyland for some lunch and a little fun. As I entered, Ariel was heading towards the entrance…


I also saw some First Order Troopers assuring us that they were there for our protection.


There was only a 5 minute wait for Pirates of the Caribbean. So, of course, I had to ride. Hey there Captain Jack!


I also started my weekend long good-bye to all the Disneyland 60th dressing up of the parks. It will be strange to not see this the next time I’m at Disneyland.


After some time at Disneyland, I headed back to the parking structure. However, on the way, I had to take a picture of the finish line for the Disneyland 5K. I knew I’d be seeing it again the next day.


When I got up to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, I got to see construction of the upcoming Star Wars Land at Disneyland. I can’t wait for it to open!

Expo Day was a good day! It’s always fun to be back among the runDisney community!


4 thoughts on “2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Expo

  1. great recap! I went to the Expo on Thursday evening and again Friday night and they had a ton of merchandise which I was surprised about! I wonder if they ordered enough or if people are just over it now

    1. Thanks! Personally, I think that the merchandise for this race was not interesting. So, I think that the reason so much merch was left is because folks were not inspired to buy. Last year’s merchandise was much better.

  2. 2Toms Blister Sheild powder. It is amazing. I haven’t had a blister since using it. But, I have only run 14 miles with it. I was at the Expo Friday also. I was surprised by how much merchandise there was but I was also very underwhelmed by all of it and did not purchase anything at the Expo except some Bondi Bands. It seemed like there wasn’t as many vendors in years past.

    1. Thanks for the endorsement of 2Toms! I’ve only ever had problems with blisters at my last two Marathons. Both were in the last few miles. I’m going to give them a try when I get up to a 20 mile training run and see how it goes.

      I totally agree with you about the merchandise at the Expo. Very unispiring. Maybe that’s why you saw so much when you got there.

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