2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Goals and Agenda

2016 DL Event Guide Cover

The 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend is THIS WEEK!!!!!! I’m really excited about all the fun I’ll get to have this weekend! However, it’s a different kind of Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend for me. For the past three years, I’ve run the Dumbo Double Dare (even if the first year, it was an unofficial Dumbo Double Dare). So, it will be strange to NOT be running the Disneyland Half Marathon. I made the choice not to run the Dumbo Double Dare before we got Colton and I have no regrets. While I’ll miss running through Angel Stadium and that awesome car show before it, it has been nice to focus on other races this year. Having said that, this is the second year in a row where the Disneyland Half Marathon races are not the focal point of my training. A year ago, I was training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Even though I’m missing this year’s Dumbo Double Dare, I’m planning on racing the Dumbo next year. I mean, who could miss out on a 5th Anniversary Dumbo Double Dare medal?

Where does that leave me this week?


Since I’m running the Disneyland 5k, I will be attending the Health and Fitness Expo on Thursday. This year, since I’m being a little more conservative with my finances, I’m not needing to purchase lots of official merchandise. So, I’ll arrive at the Expo when I arrive. My schedule will be centered around how the boy is in the morning. I will probably leave sometime in the morning and hoping to arrive before noon. Since I’m not needing official merch, I’ll start off the way runDisney wants us to start…


I’ll head downstairs to get my bib first…


Then, upstairs to get my race shirts. After that, I’ll check out the official merch. If time permits, I’ll hit up Disneyland. If not, I’ll wait until Friday for that.

2016 DL 5K Medal

Friday, I’ll run in my very first Disneyland 5K! I’m really excited about this. My very first race was the Inaugural Neverland 5K in January of 2012. I loved it so much that I really wanted to run in the Disneyland 5K that year. I tried to get some friends to run with me. However, by the time I realized they were not going to be able to, the race sold out. I was going to pay my entry fee at night, but decided to give my friends one more night to say “yes.” Well, the race sold out that night. I was seriously bummed the next morning when I saw it was sold out. So, this year, I’ll finally get the chance to run this race! Even though I’m excited about the race, I do not intend to take this as a serious run. I plan on running a little, walking a little, taking lots of pictures, and having fun.

2016 DL Half Marathon Weekend Medals

On Saturday, I’ll be running in my 4th Disneyland 10K! This has been my favorite race on the runDisney calendar! They had to alter the course slightly this year to accommodate the construction of Star Wars Land. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll love the new course. Last year, I made this race my 10K PR attempt. I felt like I was ready for that challenge. So, I went for it. The result? My 2nd fastest 10K race. This year, the 10K was a minor goal race for me. I wanted to see how the training went before deciding. After this past weekend, I realize that I don’t think I’m ready for a PR this time around. However, since the race is on a Saturday, I will taking this race as a training run with benefits. I’m going to run the first mile with a 30 second run/90 second walk intervals. Then, I’ll switch to a 30 second run/60 second walk interval the rest of the way. Here’s the caveat to my plan. If I’m under 1 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds at the 5 mile marker, I’ll switch to a run 45 seconds/walk 45 seconds intervals and work to get that PR. My goal for the race is to finish somewhere between 1 hour, 17 minutes to 1 hour, 20 minutes. If I do, it will be a good, solid 10K for me. A 1 hour, 17 minute result would be a great one for me and would give me a lot of confidence that my Avengers training is on target. We shall see what race day holds.

We Run Social Meet Up

Later Saturday, at 1pm, I’ll be heading over to the Trader Sam’s Lower Patio Fireplace for the We Run Social Meet-Up. This meet up is open to anyone that wants to come. So, you want to meet some fabulous runners, win some cool giveaway items from Sparkle Athletic and We Run Social, and take lots of selfies head on over between 1 and 3pm.


AJ and Ivie are two of the hosts for this gathering of runners. They are awesome people and will totally make you feel welcome.

2016 DL Event Guide Good Luck

So, there you have it…my plans for the fun filled runDisney weekend! I can’t wait to get back to my favorite place on earth…


Disneyland! The fun begins Thursday. I’ll be posting to Instagram and Twitter all weekend long. So, feel free to follow along….

Twitter – gloucks7

Instagram – whyirundisney


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