2016 Wine and Dine Medals Revealed!


Ladies and Gentleman, runDisney keeps the medal reveals rolling. Monday, we got to see all the medals for the 2016 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend. Let’s take a look…

2016 Wine and Dine All Medals

This is the whole group of them. It’s quite a set!

2016 Wine and Dine Mickey 5K

There are changes this year to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend. The 5K is no longer the Jingle Jungle 5K. It’s now Mickey’s Holiday 5K. The folks at runDisney had previously shown this medal. However, this is a little closer shot of the medal.

2016 Wine and Dine Remys 10K

Up next is the Inaugural Remy’s 10K race. This is a new race to the Wine and Dine race menu. I really like this medal!

2016 Wine and Dine Kid Races Medalion

Although I haven’t seen a race schedule, I’m pretty sure the Kids Races will be next in the weekend. Here is the medallion the kiddos will receive for finishing their races.

2016 Wine and Dine Half Medal


The last race of the weekend will be the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. This year, the race will we held on the Sunday morning of race weekend. This is the biggest departure. In all previous editions of this race, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon was run at night. The reactions have been mixed about whether or not this change is a good thing.

2016 Wine and Dine Lumiere's Challenge Medal

One thing the runners are pretty stoked about is the brand new challenge for the weekend. If you run in Remy’s 10K and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon (and are registered for this), you will earn this bad boy…the Inaugural Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge. I think that this might be the best medal of the bunch.

2016 Wine and Dine Challenge Medals

How many of you will be out to get all three of these medals by completing Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge? It looks like runDisney has come up with some more awesome medals. I’m not super stoked about the half marathon medal. But, I won’t be running that weekend. So, it doesn’t matter too much to me. Lumiere’s and Remy’s medals are my favorites of the bunch.

4 thoughts on “2016 Wine and Dine Medals Revealed!

    1. Me too! Love the Lumiere medal. I do agree that the 5K designs are a little more difficult to figure out. I’m sure they will have them on display at the DL Half Expo! Can’t wait to see them in person!

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