Colton’s First 4 Months

It’s hard to believe it. But, my boy crossed the 4 month mark on Monday of this week. Yikes! Where is the time going? I thought it might be fun to take a brief look back in pictures of those first 4 months.


Here’s the little guy on April 18th.


May 18th…


I love this one! June 18th. This boy seriously LOVES to smile!


Here he is on July 18th. I could have gone pretty crazy with this post because we have so many great pictures. However, I thought the monthly pictures would be kind of cool to share.

For those interested, this was Colton’s first favorite song. During his first month, whenever we’d play this song, he absolutely loved it. He’d wiggle his arms and legs around to the beat of the song. Funny thing…he’d only move to the chorus of the song. When the verses came along, he’d stop. Then, then the song reached the chorus, he’d be grooving to the beat again.

By month 2, Johnny B Goode took over as Colton’s fav song.

Try Everything is the current fav song. Now that he’s noticing more of his world, he’s discovered the music video. Colton is absolutely mesmerized by the video. He goes back and fourth between staring intently at the video, smiling, and cackling at parts. This kid rarely gets too upset. However, when he does, play this song and he quickly goes from being upset to being happy. I’ve so got to learn all the words to this song. As you might remember, I love running with this song. So, I’m trying to remember as much as I can. He loves it when Brooke or myself sing this song to him as well.

For those interested, Colton checks in at 26 1/4 inches and 14.2 lbs. It’s absolutely amazing to see how much he’s grown! Both Brooke and I love this little guy more than words can express! I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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