Looking at Walt on the Day After Disneyland’s 61st Birthday

61 years ago yesterday, Disneyland officially opened their doors and the world has never been the same. In the past, I’ve been able to write a post on Disneyland’s “Birthday.” This year, since that day happened on a day I don’t post any blogs, I thought it would be interesting to look at a few of the videos online about his life. After all, this is supposed to be “Motivation Mondays.” What better way to be motivated than learning about this very inspirational figure that started the company that would build Disneyland.

This video is the movie that played at the now extinct attraction inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios called Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. This video is the shortest of the ones I’m  posting. So, you want a quick Walt fix, this video is for you.

This video has been put out by the Walt Disney Family Foundation. I absolutely love this nearly 2 hour film. If you want to know the man, this is the video for you. There are so many wonderful people who knew Walt involved in this film. Lots of Disney legends. One thing I’ve loved about The Walt Disney Company is the stories. This documentary is full of them by the people who knew Walt best. Well worth the watch if you have the time.

I found this video to be a good way of finishing off this post than “Disneyland Secrets, Stories, and Magic.” I like this video because it talks, not only of Walt, but of his grand vision called Disneyland.

Part 2 goes beyond Walt’s life. Again, I think it’s a fitting end to this post because Walt’s legacy goes far beyond his life. It’s still being felt today. I hope you enjoy these videos. I know they are long. However, by watching, you’ll catch a pretty big picture of Walt Disney and his legacy.

3 thoughts on “Looking at Walt on the Day After Disneyland’s 61st Birthday

    1. Me too! That video played at DCA during Disneland’s 50th. Talking with Crush took over the theater it played at in the Art of Animation Building.

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