Shanghai Disneyland is Officially Open!

On Thursday, Shanghai Disneyland officially opened their doors! After nearly a month of soft openings, Shanghai is now part of the Disney Theme Park Family. Y’all, their castle is HUGE! Let’s check out some of the opening festivities…shall we?

It all began with an Opening Gala the night before. I love that, through the magic of YouTube we can be there…even though we aren’t actually there. I’ve got to warn you, though, this video is mostly in Chinese. The Gala is absolutely stunning!

Then, on June 16th, it was time for the dedication ceremony. Again, mostly in Chinese (with the exception of Bob Iger’s speech and some of the music). I kind of like that he started his dedication ceremony with the words of Walt from Disneyland’s opening day in 1955! One thing about these two videos that stands out…how big is that castle! I kept wondering to myself how many folks will visit Shanghai Disneyland and think Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom is a “condo.” Hmmmm.

I thought it might be fun to throw in some videos that give you an overview of the various “lands” of Shanghai Disneyland. Fist up is Mickey Avenue. This is their version of Main Street U.S.A. Tell me you don’t wish you could eat some of those fun Disney treats in this video. They even have a Donald waffle! How cool is that?!

To the right at the end of Mickey Avenue is Adventure Isle. What a fun land! It looks like they have a version of the Grizzly River Run from DCA…Soarin’…That Discovery trail looks like it would be kind of fun to explore!

Treasure Cove is where their Pirates of the Caribbean ride is located. The land itself is epic. I mean, they have a few pirate ships in this land! How cool is that?!

Continuing around, we get to Fantasyland. The space in this land is HUGE! They have some of the typical Fantasyland rides like Peter Pan and Dumbo. I love the version of the Winnie the Pooh attraction they have at Shanghai. Plus, there’s the ride that goes through the Castle…yep….a ride that goes through the castle. That’s how huge their castle is.

Our last “land” to visit is Tomorrowland. It’s here that we find the most unique attraction at Shanghai Disneyland…Tron. A few weeks ago, I did a post where we got to see this attraction up close and personal. This is the crown jewel of Shanghai Disneyland that thrill seekers will want to ride again and again.

Now that we’ve taken a brief preview of the lands, let’s check out their parade. It’s called Mickey’s Storybook Express. If memory serves me correctly, this is the longest parade at any Disney theme park.

We’ll close this post off the way most people will end their day at Shanghai Disneyland…watching Ignite the Dream Fireworks show. I think that you’ll agree that this fireworks show is simply amazing!  What a great way to head into the weekend!

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit to Shanghai Disneyland. Can someone find me that money tree so I can go to Shanghai Disneyland? It looks like a pretty spectacular theme park that I hope the residents of China can be proud of for years to come!

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