What is it like to run the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland?

For this Theme Park Thursdays, I thought it would be fun to carry over the theme of the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland. If you’re on the fence about registering…maybe these videos will convince you to join the fun.

First up, I thought this video was fun and a great quick video to give you a taste of what the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon is like. By the way, if you don’t subscribe to Thingamavlogs on YouTube, you should. Their videos are awesome and put together by some hardcore Disney fans.

Every runDisney race begins with a health and fitness expo. I thought this video does a pretty good job at capturing what it’s like to be at the expo. Although, one part is missing…they don’t venture into the official runDisney merchandise booth.

Here’s some more of the Expo. There are two entrances to the main exhibit hall. The first expo video went in one way. This video goes in the way runDisney wants you to enter. Of course, they skip the downstairs portion where you get your race bib.

Okay, here is the first of three videos that cover the Star Wars (Light Side) Half Marathon at Disneyland in depth. I’ve got to say that the on-going commentary makes this video kind of fun. This video takes you from the start, through Disneyland, and on into Disney California Adventure.

The second part picks up in Disney California Adventure and takes you onto the streets of Anaheim. If you don’t have time to watch all the videos, this is the one of the three that you don’t necessarily have to watch start to finish. If you’re going to come back to this blog post to get a feel for the race closer to race day, you will want to watch the entire video as it will give you the feel of this runDisney race.

Okay, this is my favorite part of the entire race. Miles 8 to the finish. Miles 8 and 9 are where the party is at for the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland! It starts off with the Cos Players and finishes with the 501st Legion (Star Wars super fans). I love, love, love this part. If you want character pictures, this is where to get them. The lines are short and the costumes are amazing!

I put this video here because it was done by someone who was clearly in Corral A. Since I’m not fast enough to qualify for that corral yet, it was kind of cool to experience this race through the lens of one of he speedier runners. I love how, when he got to miles 8 and 9, many of the Cos Players and 501st Legion peeps had light sabers that were lit up. By the time I got there, it was was too light. But, this speedster got there while it was still dark enough to see them it up. This video is shorter but gives you a very good feel for the race.

Closing this blog post out, I wanted to include Sara’s video from the Star Wars (Dark Side) Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Now, if you complete the Star Wars Half Marathons at BOTH Disneyland (in January) and Walt Disney World (in April) during the same calendar year, you can get Kessel Run Challenge medal. It’s a really cool medal. So, if you want it, you will have to come out to Disneyland in January for part 1 of the challenge.

I hope you caught a glimpse of what makes the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekends so magical. If you’re still on the fence…what are you waiting for? Registration opens on Tuesday, June 14th. So, be ready! Here are my race recaps if you want more…

Inaugural Star Wars 10K

Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon

2015 Star Wars 10K

2015 Star Wars Half Marathon


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