Frozen Takes Over the Hyperion Theater at DCA

On January 10th this year, Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular ended its 13 year run at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure. It ended much too early. The show was still playing to full houses when it closed. I, for one, was pretty bummed out when I heard the show was  leaving.


The last time I got to watch Aladdin was after running the 2015 Disneyland 10K. I had great seats!


So close to the action! Anyways, I thought it would be good to remember the final Aladdin: A Music Spectacular show here…

Farewell Aladdin! Oh how I will miss you.

This week Frozen Live at the Hyperion took over for Aladdin. After watching the video above, I’d say that they have filled in Aladdin’s shoes pretty well. Disney has been working on putting together a Frozen Broadway show. I think this is a good start. I absolutely love the special effects in the show! I also liked most of the cast. To be honest, Elsa is kind of underwhelming to me. Maybe it was simply that I’m watching an early show. However, the rest of the cast is pretty good. I absolutely think Olaf is spot-on and a favorite of mine. Ana and Kristof have the same level of chemistry that we saw in the movie.

So, take a look for yourself (if you haven’t already seen the show in person). What do you think? Are you Frozened out yet? Should Disney have kept the Aladdin show? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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