2 Steps Forward, 2 Step Back

Okay, this may seem like an odd way to begin my weekly recap. However, there is a line in the chorus that expresses how I felt about this past week. It was two steps forward, two steps back. Quite literally actually. So, after finally getting to 4 workouts in a week, this past week, I ended with only 2. This week, I’m determined to get back to the 4 workout mark.


The first workout was at the gym on Tuesday. It was a day to up my game at the gym. After making it to the gym with the same workout for 5 of 6 possible workouts over 3 weeks, I was ready. First up, I added a 400 to my treadmill portion to finish 5 x 400 on the treadmill! Y’all, it was hard, but oh so worth it. This was far from perfect. Part of that is because I was not completely mentally wanting to increase my running on the treadmill. Then, after the third running interval, I knocked my phone to the treadmill…causing me to stop to get the phone (with my music). Then, the last 400, I ended up stopping briefly with 0.05 left. At the end, I reminded myself that, in increasing the number of run intervals, it was going to be hard. However, my body will adjust.

The increase of weight on the machines turned out much better. Yes, it was harder. However, I completed all the reps in the new weights as planned. Although, in my last rep on the ab machine, I did have to stop briefly with 10 crunches left. Feeling a little light headed is something I won’t push through, So, I stopped..caught my breath…and finished.


he one thing I didn’t increase was the elliptical machine. Why? Because I haven’t been as consistent on that machine. I’ve only made it to 27 minutes the last 3 workouts (of 5). So, the goal for Tuesday was to simply finish all 27 minutes…which I did with no issues!


So, my Tuesday workout was pretty successful and launched me into higher weight and more running on the mill. I don’t need to aim for perfection…just progress.


We were house sitting at my in-laws house this week. I missed my run on Thursday because it took a little too long to get Colton down for the evening. Hey, these things happen. Also, I was feeling pretty wiped out. On Friday, we had dinner by poolside…Colton’s first time. He enjoyed watching mommy and daddy eat outside by the pool. It was soooooo peaceful and relaxing!


On Saturday, because I was starting off at a different house, I went for 4 miles. That was one more than on my current plan. But, that’s okay. This is part of my 6 mile route around my apartment. I started by going 2 miles over the uphill part. Yes…because I’m that awesome! As I expected, it was a slow first two miles. Mile 1 took, 12 minutes, 12 seconds. I was running 30 seconds, walking 90 seconds because I knew this route would be more difficult than what I’ve been running. This coming week, I want to add some 60 second walk breaks. For this route the 90 second walk break was perfect. Mile 2 was my slowest mile at 12 minutes, 44 seconds. I knew it would be. After all, this is mile 4 of my 6 mile route and is typically my slowest mile. So, on this run, I wasn’t too upset with where I was at in the end of the mile. What did bum me out a little was that I didn’t take more time off in mile 3. I finished mile 3 in 12 minutes, 36 seconds. By that point, I just decided this run would be about finishing the miles. So, off I went in mile 4…free from time constraints. All I wanted out of mile 4 was to hit all the run intervals. So, I did! Mile 4 was actually my fastest mile of the day at 12 minutes, 5 seconds. I felt good at the end. So much so, that when I got to the last quarter-mile, I ran 30 seconds, walked 60 seconds, and ran the next 47 seconds to finish! Not a bad way for me to finish.


Saturday night, we ate by the pool again for dinner. One of the things Colton loves doing is climbing up daddy. Here he is making his way up. This kid seriously inspires me. He is working so hard on his climbing and crawling. No matter how hard it is for him, this is what he wants to do whenever he sees me. He even has a motion he gives me to tell me he wants to climb. It’s too cool for words!

Anyways, I went from 4 workouts to 2…2 steps forward…2 steps back. However, each new week gives me the opportunity to get even better. That’s what I intend for this week. It’s still a learning process. I hope to report next week that I met the 4 workout goal!

2 thoughts on “2 Steps Forward, 2 Step Back

  1. i love how determined baby and children are: we could really learn from them! and i think it is all about balance-my workouts are all over the place but i know things will settle down and get better. great job on the 2 you did get in!

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