Motivation Mondays

So, I’m trying out something new this week and see how it goes with the blog. Instead of the usual weekly recap, I’m going with Motivation Mondays. I’m hoping to use Mondays to give you all (and myself) something inspirational to get the week kicked off. On Tuesdays, the theme will be Training Tuesdays. That’s where I’ll be giving the weekly recap gong forward. I know it’s a little weird to do a recap on the second day of the week. Hey, it’s an experiment. From there, I’m going with Wordless Wednesdays. Then, Theme Park Thursdays and Fast Five Fridays.


This seems like the perfect way to kick off Motivation Mondays. I’ve always loved this quote. As I’m seeking to re-learn how to run long distances as a daddy of a newborn, I need to keep this in mind. Happy Monday everyone!

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