Changes to My Training Routine

Since I started running long distances, I’ve become rather bored with the gym. So much so that, if I could choose which workout to skip, I’d skip the gym. The goal I have each week with my training is to run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Then, do a gym session on Sunday.  I was consistent with this plan in the 2 months before the 2015 LA Marathon. It proved to be a good plan.


So, I started thinking about what I’ve been doing to train for races and decided that I need to add another gym session to my week. Here’s the new plan for my week….


Instead of running 3-4 miles two times during the middle of the week, I’m going to only run one time outside. With the other mid-week workout, I’m going to take it to the gym.


So, I’ll start off with running 4 x 400 meters on the treadmill. I’m going to work my way towards running Yasso 800’s on the treadmill. As I get more comfortable with running 800’s on the mill, I will add some Yasso 800’s on the track to my regimen. I’ll also eventually work my way towards being able to run 3 miles on the treadmill without any walk breaks.


Then, I’ll hit up the machines. The order in which I do them will vary depending on how busy the gym is and whether or not the machine is free. I’ll be using this machine to do assisted chin ups and dips. Although it will take me some time, I’d love to get to the point where I no longer need the assistance.


I use this machine to work specifically on abs.


Lastly, there’s the leg press machine.


I’ll end the gym workout with 27 minutes on the elliptical machine. Eventually, I can see myself working up to 35 minutes on this machine.

I was doing this gym routine as I got ready for the LA Marathon in 2015 and it all worked out pretty well. I’m hopeful that, by adding a gym workout to my week and the 4 x 400’s on the treadmill, I’ll get even stronger. Plus, by running on the treadmill, I’m still getting that third run in for the week. The plan is to go to the gym on one weeknight and one day on the weekend.


My other run for the weekend will be the long run. Of course, this run will vary from week to week.


By putting this plan into place, I’ll get two runs in on the streets, 2 speed workouts on the treadmill, and 2 strength training workouts into my week. I believe that putting all of this into play, I’ll be stronger and prepared to make some PR attempts eventually. Now that I’m a dad, I’m still trying to prove to myself that I can continue to train. Even with the lack of sleep, I did just fine with my first gym workout this week! For now, I’m taking it a month at a time. So, at the end of May, I’ll evaluate how things go and decide what adjustments need to be made. With fewer races on my 2016 calendar, I’ve got time to focus on getting stronger and faster. Can’t wait to see how this new plan goes this month!


2 thoughts on “Changes to My Training Routine

  1. This sounds like a great plan! I’m working on adding in strength training even more than I do now!

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