Fantasyland Tokyo Style

Welcome back to Tokyo Disneyland! Today, we’ll be exploring Fantasyland!

Walking around, Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland looks HUGE! They have a Cinderella’s Castle like at the Magic Kingdom, but so much more space. I can’t wait to get to some of their attractions and shows! Let’s go!

Up first is the Haunted Mansion. I’ve read that the Haunted Mansion is in Fantasyland because ghost stories are considered “fantasy” in Japan. This version of the attraction is pretty similar to the version at the Magic Kingdom.

Guess what? They even have a Nightmare Before Christmas version of the Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland! I love all the differences from the Disneyland California version! So much fun!

Across the way is Peter Pan’s Flight. Like the Disneyland California version, they’ve made some additions to this attraction recently. I was happy to find a video that’s been filmed recently so we can see. This is my favorite Fantasyland attraction at any Disney theme park. This video does as good of a job as possible on the dark ride.

In between the Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan’s Flight is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. There’s nothing too special about Dumbo at Tokyo Disneyland. They don’t have the dueling Dumbo’s like at the Magic Kingdom. On Virtual trips, we experience it all.

Time to bounce back to Snow White’s Adventures. This attraction is just like Snow White’s Scary Adventures in other Disney theme parks.

Next up, it’s Cinderella’s Castle Fairy Tale Hall. This is a walk through attraction that’s similar to the walk through of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland California. The big difference is size. There’s clearly more space for this walk through. A look at the video shows that there are some really cool photo ops in this attraction.

Next to Cinderella’s Castle is Mickey’s Philharmagic. I absolutely love this 3-D film at the Magic Kingdom. Outside of the narration, it’s an identical film. The video gives you a sense of the show building. If you want to skip to the main show, fast forward to 5:36. Even in Japanese, I love this show!

Right at the center of Fantasyland, across from Mickey’s Philharmagic is the Castle Carrousel. There’s not a whole lot to say about this attraction.

Right next to the Castle Carrousel is Alice’s Tea Party. Like the Magic Kingdom, it is under a roof. I like this video because it really captures the experience. Careful, though, the video might make you a little dizzy.

The next attraction is Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. It’s a typical dark ride. Fun for the whole family.

It’s a Small World is absolutely classic. This version is pretty interesting. They have the same kind of awesome facade on the outside. However, the queue line is completely inside (like the Magic Kingdom). I love, love, love this version of It’s a Small World! This version is very imaginitive and everything It’s a Small World should be.

They even have a holiday version of It’s A Small World: Very Merry Holiday! While I still think that the California facade is much more magical at the holidays, this version does not disappoint.

We’re going to close this action packed virtual trip with a ride on Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. I really love this attraction (or at least the video)! What a fun and imaginative ride this is! The sets are huge and amazing! All I can say is…wow! This is a great way to finish our time in Fantasyland. Hope you enjoyed it!

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