Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Price Increase for 2016


Today, the Annual Pass Holders and Disney Vacation Club Members can register for the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend races! The rest of us can register on February 2nd starting at noon EDT/9am PDT. On Monday, runDisney sent out an email that caused quite a stir on social media. Maybe you received it.

Disneyland Half Marathon Registration 01

The first part isn’t too controversial. We learn in advance that the theme of the medals are beloved duos. I’m guessing that Mickey & Pluto will be the theme of the 5K and Kids Races. Aladdin and the Genie will be the theme for the Disneyland 10K. Dumbo and Timothy will be the theme for the Dumbo Double Dare (shocker!).

Disneyland Half Marathon Registration 02

This is where the controversy comes into play. Registration opens February 2nd. However, look at those prices. Yikes!

Rock n Roll Tour Pass

Consider the Rock n Roll Marathon Series alone. You could purchase a Tour Pass 3 pack for just a few more dollars than the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon alone. This pass would allow you to run any 3 half marathons in the Rock n Roll Series around the world for the price of just the one Disneyland Half Marathon. The Tour Pass Global in $479, but allows you to register in an unlimited amount of races throughout the year. That’s only about $120 more than the Dumbo Double Dare. So, several runners I know have taken to the web to voice their complaints. The increase in price does make you stop and think.


Last year’s Dumbo Double Dare cost $330. So, this year, the price has increased $20. That’s quite a jump for one year. $209 for one half marathon is also really pricey. As is $120 for a 10K and $80 for a 5K. All of this has me rethinking my plans for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Disneyland Half Marathon Registration 03

I do appreciate that runDisney included these tips for registration. Over the years, runDisney has changed the way they do registrations. Currently, there is this virtual queue line that you’ll get placed in once you attempt to register. Waiting in the queue is stress inducing for us who know how fast the races can sell out. The Dumbo Double Dare, Disneyland 10K, Disneyland 5K, and Kids Races will sell out quickly. I’m pretty confident that they will be sold out by the end of the first day. The Dumbo Double Dare and Disneyland 10K could be sold out within an hour of the registration opening up. However, lately, the half marathons are having trouble selling out.


The 2015 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon did not sell out. However, the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, Captain America 10K and Avengers Super Heroes 5K and Kids Races all sold out in less than a few hours.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon

The 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon is not sold out as of now. However, the Pixie Dust Challenge, Tinker Bell 10K, Neverland 5K, and Kid Races, all sold out within a day.

Star Wars Half East

Even the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon The Dark Side at Walt Disney World did not sell out until recently. The Dark Side Challenge, Star Wars 10K, Star Wars 5K and Kid Races sold out within a day, however.

With the slower sales for the runDisney Half Marathons, it makes you wonder if runDisney is pricing themselves out of the racer’s price range? There are many runDisney racers I know who are not going to be signing up for the Disneyland Half Marathon this year because of the prices. I’ve got to admit that the increase has me weighing my options. What is hard is that I know I need to know before next Tuesday what I plan on doing because I’m sure that everything but the Disneyland Half Marathon will sell out on that day. Before the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, my plan for 2016 was to run in the Disneyland 5K (for the first time) and the Disneyland 10K, skipping the half. However, I had so much fun at the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon that I had changed my mind and was ready to register for the Dumbo Double Dare again. Now, with this increase, I may be going back to the original plan. After all, I’d still run 2 races and save $150. The price for the 5K is $80 and the 10K is $120. That’s $200 together. The Dumbo Double Dare is $350. So, I’d save $150. Adding to that, I’m not perfect at the Dumbo Double Dare. In 2013, I had no idea that it would sell out so quickly and missed out. I ran both the Disneyland Half Marathon and Disneyland 10K that year to be unofficially Dumbo. But, that doesn’t count. So, of the challenges, this one is an easier one for me to take a year off from. Hmmmmm…… decisions, decisions, decisions.

What say you running community? Is $350 too much to pay for a half marathon + 10K? Is $209 too much to pay for a half marathon? Is $120 too much to pay for a 10K? Is $80 too much to pay for a 5K?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

22 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Price Increase for 2016

  1. The increasing prices bum me out big time. It’s expensive enough for me to fly to Disney and run the races in general, but I also have to add another 35% due to a poor exchange rate. The Canadian dollar is worth only 70 cents U.S., which makes the price tag for Dumbo a whopping $472.50 Canadian…not counting the fees.

    That being said I think Americans need to consider doing some Canadian races – we are super flat in the prairies (perfect for PRs) and your dollar is worth a TON. 🙂 And you get to eat yummy Canadian treats like poutine and ketchup chips (and more…but this is all I can think of this morning without having my coffee).

    1. Wow! That exchange rate really puts the OUCH on the prices of a runDisney race. I think I’d be out if I lived up in Canada. Then again, you also have to fly to Disneyland and figure in the price of a hotel as well. It really adds up. I live 45 minutes to an hour away and can just drive to the race. If I picked a race up in Canada, it would probably be up in BC. I think they have a Rock n Roll Race in Vancouver. You guys have a great donut shop up there too. Although, I can’t think of it right now.

  2. Thanks for posting this information. I signed up to get the notification too but I guess they forgot me. OUCH! its going to sting to run the Dumbo! I guess the extra $$ are for the medal because if you add up the 10K and the Half it $20.00 less then the Dumbo price. Se you there??

    1. I’ll be running during the DL Half Weekend. Although, I’m not exactly sure what race or races. I’ve got a week to figure it all out. The extra $20 is for the medal and extra race shirt.

  3. Disney is dang near double the cost of other Half Marathons – The San Diego Half is $105.00 and the San Diego Hot Chocolate 15K Run is $69.00. that about the typical range is S0. Cal but you don’t get that ‘Disney Experience’ I don’t think I would run another Disney run, i’m considering the Dumbo because I already did the Dopey in Florida and the Coast to Coast Medal is tempting. I just wish I could run the half and 10K on the same day. I guess the question is, is it worth the money for a medal and pictures with Disney icons? After all if you want to ‘race’ Disney is the worse venue for that.

  4. May I ask a silly question? If you run the 10K and the Half Marathon (receive medals for both) but run the half in 3:35, will you still receive the Dumbo Medal? The posted requirements state that you must run within the designated timeframe. In my first attempt at a Half Marathon I ran 5 minutes long. I wasn’t sure if that would disqualify me from the Dumbo.

    Appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks guys.

    1. As long as you don’t get swept off the course, you’ll get the medals. The 16 minutes per mile pacing starts with the last runners to cross the start line. So, if you’re not in the last corral, you will likely have around 6-15 extra minutes. If you’re in the last corral and are concerned, you should try to start as close to the front of your corral. It seems like it takes each corral around 5 minutes to clear the start line. Another thing to keep in mind…if you’re worried about your finish time, don’t stop in the park to get in line for pictures with the characters. If you want pictures with them, stop for selfies. They aren’t as cool. But, you still get pictures with those characters in them. Oh, and one more thing…you will tend to run faster in a race than in training. Why? There are so many people out cheering you on, that it gives you that little extra bit of energy. Get on the training plan and work hard and you’ll be fine. 5 minutes probably won’t be a huge deal.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. You’ve put my mind at ease. I started a half marathon training program last week and will continue with it until September where I hope to be apart of the Disneyland Weekend (registration pending). I appreciate your comments and the confidence they gave me. Time to kick a little asphalt. 🙂

        Have a great day.

      2. Glad that I could help. You’ve got plenty of time to get your time down to the 3:30 pace. Follow Jeff Galloway’s plan and you’ll get there.

  5. I had already decided not to do any runDisney this year because of the price increases all across Disney. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money. (btw….it was nice meeting you after the 10K).

    1. I feel ya. Can’t we just find that money tree and not have to worry about race fees? It was nice to finally meet you after the Star Wars 10K as well! Hope the kiddos you were there for had a fantastic time at the kid races!

  6. I have promised my girls to take them to the disney race; either the star wars 2017 or avenger 2016. With the price increase, i am not sure if I want to run the avenger half + 10k. They have lot of ppl running and i think they are greedy to get more money. I am sure all other companies do want to take in more incomes anyway.

    i might consider some other races locally with less expensive. However, I am very tempted to run the rebel on star wars 2017. after all, i want to at least run one disney race per year (i might just pick the star wars since it is more flatter, and i like the metal); and i do not like to wait in line to take pictures.

    1. There are some fantastic races here in So Cal! I’ll be at the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon on June 1st. They put on a great race and an awesome Expo! I also highly recommend running the Long Beach Half Marathon in October. Additionally, maybe in 2017, you could run the Surf City USA Half Marathon in Huntington Beach. They have it on Super Bowl Sunday every year.

  7. I think Disney is actively working toward reducing the issues with races selling out so quickly and this is one part of the approach.

    As a runner who participates in one Disney race a year (on average) as part of a vacation, it doesn’t impact me as much. The extra cost of the race will balance out – in all likelihood, I will end up not purchasing any official merchandise or choose a less expensive restaurant for a meal or a hotel in a different price range.

    Two impacts that I can see will be that I will be less likely to participate in a Coast-to-Coast again (except for the Star Wars Coast-to-Coast – which is definitely on the bucket list) and will be less likely to participate in a 10k/half marathon challenge.

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a good approach to runDisney races. There could be some of what you said going on. If they are trying to slow down the sell out rates, they’ve nailed it. I totally agree with the Kessel Run Challenge. I’m going to do it some year. Just not this year.

  8. I signed up for all races. The price tag definitely stung a bit but I have always wanted to try the Disneyland 5k and this is my chance especially because I love the theme! As for Dumbo, I will be still be perfect so I plan on sticking with it for awhile. Also, the DL half is so special to me as it was my first half marathon.

    Even though I love to #runalloftheraces I am not sure how much longer I can afford to do it. I know for sure if I wasn’t local to DL, I would not be doing as many of those races.

    1. Since I didn’t get in as an official Dumbo Double Dare runner in the first year, I have less motivation with maintaining that. So, I totally get why you want to continue with that. The Rebel Challenge is the race I want to be perfect at…and maybe the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. It’s all about priorities. If I wasn’t local to Disneyland, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing as many of the Disneyland races as well.

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